A look at Russian literature through the sight of a machine

Then Zhilin - Sanotel GB? But this is General. And what are the interests of a Russian General with the poor Chechen porter - and so close, that as much to familiarity: "Salik will be unhappy"? The same as if Abramovich sold petrol taxi drivers at the Kazan station.Also in ' 96 the militants was not technology. And you can fill "Fields" and "Lada" in the Republic oil can be had at every intersection - yourself "samovars" sticking out in a hundred meters. Gasoline was called "AU-50" and even "AI-35".In "Asana", as in "the Caucasian prisoner", again showing a slight homosexual line. Maybe somewhere and have silky long-haired soldiers with a languid look, I don't know. "We did not have" does not mean "can not be in principle." Although my experience of three wars suggests that the person who was in the trenches any extended period of time, rather turn into an animal, than a subtle sense of nature, admiring the sunset-haired opponent.War is terrible, not because there rips off arms and legs. She dreaded the fact that there are rips the soul. The patina of civilization is very thin and the ability to feel the beauty (skill under fire absolutely useless) goes first and returns one of the last to years later."Asan" the world is completely artificial, created by Vladimir Mechanisim from beginning to end to your needs. But invented worlds interesting when they are features of the real. Zhilin as being no less fantastic than Griffin or Quetzalcoatl.About the same level, the study was able to write the Martian peeking multicaixa "Futurama" and decided that the Earth is inhabited by sentient robots, a talking lobster, Cyclops and three-meter green octopus in spacesuits.Why give a specific temporal and geographical reference in your fantasies? Because, relatively speaking, Chechnya can be called Mordor, Ivan - the Narnia and Bamut Griffindore. And there were no problems. Lord of the rings" nobody accuses of unreality.Lost people - not the dough for baking literary pies. These people were. They lived and died. In the war that started our country, safely from this war clostridiosis. And not wanting to know about her until now. Still prefer Fudge the truth about what this war she would like to see in books.About such events as the GULAG, the Great Patriotic war, Chechnya, Nord-OST, Beslan, it is possible to speak either documented or as truthfully. Or not talk at all.Yes, in Chechnya stole and sold everything. All who could. Yes, they can steal echelons in all wars. But they never were gods of war. And always their cimorelli - both own and opponent. Always these shares were hostile. Warrior commands more respect than a six-huckster, cristicauda from their. And especially in the Caucasus.If so, how Makanin wrote about Chechnya, to write about the Kolyma, you can create something like this. The thirty-seventh year. The key Tuscania barge arrives with prisoners on the 58th article. All political prisoners drunk. Accompanying Nkvdshniki landed in Magadan with appendicitis, new forgot to give, and the stage come October. It meets the employee quartermaster with local free woman who moonlights as a porter. Political transplanted to machines and also without escort sent to Serpentine to the shooting. On the way the stage is blocked by the NKVD, who are yelling that everything is cut. In response, the enemies of the people show them naked fifth point, and laugh. To settle a situation catches chef from the person who sells to both guards and prisoners spruce broth. On the way, the chef kills one of Nkvdshnikov, but they forgive him the murder because the victim was an unpleasant person. Besides the chef paid for it three vats of broth. In the end, "God camp", using communication and broth, solves all the problems.We analyse (and analyse) and that we want to understand from your past? Do we want him to know or want to eat fictions? My country wants to know about the war? If she wants to know exactly how and what exactly they were killed? What - both those for Solarium? War is buy-prodika? Or it was a clash of two systems of perception of the world?Of course, the "Asanas" will find its readers and its admirers. Vladimir Makanin, of course, the engineer of human souls.But still not have to evaluate the "Asanas" as the product of Chechnya. It is - fantasy.Arkady Babchenko Source: a Look at Russian literature through the sight of a machine.

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