Injured Bilan Rudkovskaya and have to go on the ice

titleParticipation in the show of the TV channel "Russia" the two best participants - Dima Bilan and Yana Rudkovskaya - in jeopardy. The singer and his producer, being in different countries, in one day suffered serious injuries.Jan broke knee on the ice and Dima is on tour in London tore the Achilles tendon. Now the star of the rink adequate medical care and the long period of rehabilitation.However, under the terms of the contract, both due out today at the rink "Star ice". Under the contract between the project organizers and participants there is only one legal way to quit a broken arm or leg. Fortunately, nothing like that neither Jana nor Dima has not yet happened. With their injuries after a couple of painkillers they are required to ride.RudkovskayaOne of the last workouts Yana Rudkovskaya and Ruslan Goncharov will remember for a long time. Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan scandal in the plane

titleLindsay Lohan threw a tantrum when she was unable to allocate seats in first class on the plane. The girl flew from Tampa, and representatives of the airline wouldn't give her the space that she wanted.Then Lindsay started complaining and said loudly to his friends: "You better keep an eye, here I am, and then suddenly I die.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Nicole Richie wants to adopt a child

title27-year-old Nicole Richie is considering her appearance in the family of a brother or sister for her seven-month-old daughter Harlow.First thoughts to take in a family foster kid came from Nicole at that moment, when she began to do charity work.Founding his Fund, which is called the Richie Madden Foundation, Richie began to face a lot of families have no money even for dinner for their children. Nicole reasoned that can help and provide a good life at least one child.Now Nicole consults with lawyers, figuring out all the nuances of the adoption process.Also the star of two to three times a week in the Los Angeles shelter, where they spent a lot of time with homeless children.Another issue that needs to settle Nicole is how to react to her intentions Joel Madden, the father of the baby Harlow and longtime boyfriend Nicole. Source: Nicole Richie wants to adopt a child. . . . Читать полностью -->

Sergey Bezrukov was shot at close range with machine

titleSergey Bezrukov, as we already wrote, on 18 October was 35. Anniversary artist was marked at the highest level: shortly before the holiday Sergey received the title of people's artist of Russia.Colleagues Bezrukov without unnecessary honors, but was much more original. At a concert in St. Petersburg BKZ "October" the first gift to the celebrant was shot at close range with automatic, writes "Change". It turns out that in this way, Sergey decided to deal with the way Sasha White from "Teams".Several bullets in the chest and back of children's machine while maintaining the celebrant is not caused. Bezrukov, on the contrary, got excited and began to dance to the music of "Swan lake".To complete the shooting took Dmitry Kharatyan. Читать полностью -->

Famous musician brought heart

titleThe day before at the age of 47 in one of the Moscow clinics died legendary guitarist, backing vocalist, member of the Leningrad group "Games", "Pop-Mechanics", "militia", Deadушки Grigory Sologub.Recently, the musician often complained of heart pain and was undergoing treatment in a Moscow clinic.Remember the famous Leningrad rock band "Strange game" and "Pop-mechanics". In different years, guitarist / vocalist worked with the group "people's militia", "Israel", "Two planes", worked with Viktor Tsoi and Vyacheslav Butusov, reports the Russian news service."Strange games" were one of the first groups in Russia, who began play in the style of ska. Brothers Victor and Grigory Sologub announced himself to the St. Petersburg rock scene in the second half of the 80-ies. After retiring from "Strange games", they cut the concise name to "Games" and in February 1986 began rehearsing with guitarist Andrew Ordinem, drummer from the Movie" Georgy Gurianov, Sergei "Africa" Bugaev, Medvedev Andrey and Denis Medvedev.In the same year the band recorded their debut single - the French version of the hit "Strange games" - "Paper flowers". In the same year held their stage debut. Читать полностью -->

Artists Express my condolences to all the faithful in Russia

titleThe death of the Patriarch today fell terrible grief all over the country. Artists, like any other Russians, mourn and repeat in unison: this is a great loss for the country and the world...Nadezhda Babkina- I am very sorry and extend my deepest condolences to all the faithful in Russia. Alexy II made a huge case for uniting all faiths who have. We should all pray that his soul passed less tests. I don't know yet, will not attend the funeral - I'm having a tough schedule. But I think that in such situations it is necessary to pay tribute and to find the time.Joseph KobzonIt's really tragic, sad news. Читать полностью -->