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Golden globes-2009`: stars of the first magnitude

titleAt the Beverly Hilton hotel, Beverly hills, California, was one of the most significant ceremonies in the world of cinema Golden Globe Awards 2009. On this Grand celebration arrived showbiz stars of the first magnitude.And here's the list of winners in the major categories:Best drama - "Slumdog Millionaire".Best Comedy "Vicky Cristina Barcelona".Best drama actor - Mickey Rourke, "the Wrestler".Best drama actress - Kate Winslet, "Revolutionary road".Best actor in a musical or Comedy - Colin Farrell, "to Lay low in Bruges".Best actress musical or Comedy - Sally Hawkins, "Carefree".Best supporting actor - Heath Ledger, "the Dark knight".Best supporting actress - Kate Winslet, "the Reader.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Gosha Kutsenko has entered a `United Russia`

titleFamous Russian actor Gosha Kutsenko joined the Moscow branch of political party "United Russia". On Thursday, he was presented with a certificate of a member of the party, writes RIA "Novosti"."I'm here, because here the future of my country," said Kutsenko at the ceremony of awarding party ticket, which occurred at the conference of the Moscow city regional branch of the party "United Russia".Yuriy Kutsenko was born in 1967 in the city of Zaporozhye in Ukraine. In 1988 the family moved to Moscow, where the future actor was admitted to the Moscow Institute of Radiotechnics, Electronics and Automatics, but, having studied there for two years, he entered the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre them. Nemirovich-Danchenko.In 1991 Kutsenko played her first role in a movie - it was an episode in the film "the Man from team alpha. The fame of the actor brought his roles in "Mama do not cry" (1998), "Antikiller" (2002), "Night watch" (2004), "the Turkish gambit" (2005). Source: Gosha Kutsenko joined the "United Russia"". Читать полностью -->

Naomi Campbell photographed Topless

titleBefore to change her religion and be baptized in the Orthodox Church, British supermodel Naomi Campbell appeared in a bdsm photo shoot.Some pictures are fuzzy, but this stunning shape of Naomi becomes less attractive.Vladislav Doronin is a Russian billionaire, co-owner of "Capital Group" and current boyfriend Naomi - can only envy.However, as the ease with which the British agreed to change her religion for the sake of the wedding with her lover.According to people close to the businessman, for the first time talking about this came a week ago, but Naomi soon decided to become a Christian. Friends Doronin, also did not refute the rumors about the impending wedding.The history of relations between the British model and Russian businessman began with a meeting at the Cannes film festival. As recognized by Naomi herself, it was love at first sight. "He's a wonderful person, very special. I thank God for this meeting," said the model shortly after the first meeting with Doronicum.The star couple had been seen several times together. First - in Doronin's yacht in the Mediterranean, and later at a dinner party in London in honor of the 90th anniversary of Nelson Mandela.Though Vladislav Doronin has not commented on the rumors about his affair with British model, regularly appear in the press news about the gifts that he makes his lady.Recently, he allegedly gave Campbell necklace, decorated with two large and 142 small diamonds, and even earlier - the penthouse at a cost of $18.5 million in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. Читать полностью -->

The band Depeche Mode released a new album

titleBritish group Depeche Mode has completed work on his new album, a follower of the "Playing The Angel" 2005.The release is not received while the name of the records scheduled for April next year."The CD is almost complete. Just need to finalize minor details, but basically everything is ready," said the band's frontman Dave Gahan.According to the musician, prepared for the album 18 tracks, including three songs of his authorship - "Hole to Feed", "Comeback" and "In Chains". However, it is unknown whether they will appear in the final version of the disk: it will contain all 12 tracks.The producer of a new Studio album, Depeche Mode became a longtime collaborator with musicians Ben Hiller. Source: the Band Depeche Mode released a new album. . . Читать полностью -->

Bashmet became Ambassador of the Sochi Olympics

titleRecently Sochi has become not only a centre for international sports competition, which attracts all the forces for the organization of the 2014 winter Olympics.This is the second year the city became the center of music here: Yuri Bashmet founded international Winter Music Festival, where he and his colleagues perform masterpieces of classical music. Days.Roo watched the act of connection of music and sport at a concert of the famous musician gave on home snow the descent of the Krasnodar territory - the red glade.The hourly performance of the virtuoso violist and conductor and a small Symphony orchestra Yuri Abramovich was preceded by a message that was honored to be an Ambassador of the Sochi Olympics 2014. On 6 February in the Grand hotel Polyana, the representative of the organizing Committee Sochi 2014 was presented by Yuri Bashmet diploma on the appointment of Maestro honorary missionary. As admitted by the Maestro, this is the first time in his career, when he was awarded no prize, and the title of Ambassador.Concert before a small audience in a small room they started with the same piece of Mozart that was playing at a charity concert Fund "give life" Foundation of Yuri Bashmet yesterday in the arcade. Case, when the artist had to interrupt their festival activities in order to give a concert in another city, on Thursday in Moscow, unprecedented, and therefore has received a great response in the Sochi press. Yuri Abramovich still in Gostiny Dvor told reporters that this festival practice led to the charitable work of the musician: "We opened in Sochi winter festival, 3rd year play there, and somehow in Sochi began a friendship with the administration, with intellectuals, with the doctors - like happened.". Читать полностью -->

A look at Russian literature through the sight of a machine

titleThey say that for the appearance of these books about the war requires from ten to twenty years after graduation. It is the time the country needs to understand what happened to her.About Chechnya written is not enough. Moreover, there were real writers, made the formation of a new "trench prose" of my generation. This Denis Butov, and Vlad Ismagilov, and Anatoly Yagodin, and Igor Marukin, and Vitaly Skvortsov... And another ten or fifteen people, has created a poignant and masterful works. Unfortunately, they are present only in the Internet phenomenon and not steel. Читать полностью -->

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