Prince Harry decided to conquer the sky

titlePrince Harry decided to become a pilot. If he will be able to qualify in flight school, Harry will start training for helicopter pilot in January 2009, reports BBC News.The qualifying stage will last four weeks. During this time, Prince Harry will have to prove that he is able to learn the basics of control of the helicopter. The course will last 16 months. Upon completion of training, Harry will be able to control one of three types of helicopters: Gazelle, Lynx or Apache.Note that Harry's father Prince Charles and uncle Prince Andrew has previously run by military helicopters. Older brother Harry Prince William has completed a course of training at a flight school in April 2008.Prince Harry secretly fought in Afghanistan in late 2007 - early 2008. Читать полностью -->

Valery to congratulate you on your participation in the `Eurovision`

titleIntrigue in the jury of the Russian qualifying round of "Eurovision" is the main reason why the singer Alexander Panayotov missed the final qualifying round, said the singer to the correspondent of RIA Novosti."I learned that I was not allowed to the Russian final. In the explanation of the jury - the excuses about the fact that in my song little patriotism, but actually the song is normal. Proceeding from today's list of finalists, I can say that there is a specific policy, and we can congratulate Valery with participation in the Eurovision," said Panayotov. The singer decided to play it safe, therefore, filed two applications: for participation from Russia and Ukraine. Panayotov is going to Kiev on the eighth of March the final qualifying round from Ukraine.The source of "Show business.Ru" on channel" also said, without specifying the names that the winner of the qualifying stage will be a solo performer. Source: Valery to congratulate you on your participation in "Eurovision"". Читать полностью -->

Prince Charles will not be `silent monarch`

titleFriend and biographer of Prince Charles, Jonathan Dimbleby, said that after ascending to the throne, Charles will not adhere to the traditional British monarchs silence. This writes the newspaper the Daily Telegraph.According to Dimbleby, if Charles will ever inherit the throne from his mother Queen Elizabeth II, he will continue to make public statements on various important issues. For comparison, Elizabeth II is limited to regular private meetings with the Prime Minister and the annual Christmas addresses to the nation. However, many UK citizens believe that the country needs a more active monarch.A surge of media interest in possible future activities of Prince Charles on the throne connected with the recent anniversary of the Prince. On 14 November the throne 60 years old. Elizabeth II is the Queen of great Britain since 1952, in 2008, celebrated its 82nd anniversary. Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha is on the verge of breaking

titleApparently, too much attention to personal lives of stars not bring them to goodness.In recent years, along with permanent messages about how Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) is in love with Samantha Ronson (Samantha Ronson) - and that this is so, no one doubts, - began to appear and other "news". In particular, the newspaper "New York Post" wrote that Lindsay, my friend began to visit a therapist advising couples and help them to solve the crisis.Lindsay, 22, Samantha - 31. The newspaper reported that "the hottest lesbian couple in Hollywood lately has been often quarreled. The reasons cited are different. First, recall that Lindsay recently stated: despite the love for Samantha, lesbian she does, and the guys she still likes me. Rumors that Lindsay flirting with ex boyfriend Calum best (Calum Best) and the star of the television series "Gossip Girl" by Chaz Crawford (Chase Crawford). Читать полностью -->

Austria refused Baturina in purchasing real estate

titleThe members of the Council of the municipality of Aurach bei kitzbГјhel Tyrol in Austria refused to Elena Baturina to the right to purchase real estate. This was announced by the movement "Moscow without Luzhkov" with reference to the Austrian newspaper Tiroler Tageszeitung.According to the local mayor, it is not obvious social and cultural interests that justify the acquisition Baturina houses on the territory of the municipality.Wife of Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov planned to buy in Austria-storey wooden mansion with surrounding areas. However, the members of the commune councils voted against. According to the current legislation Baturina, who do not have citizenship of the EU, was required when buying a property to represent the essence of their interests. Representatives of the local community felt that the spouse of the Moscow mayor will not be able to bring anything in their commune.Note that this is the second attempt by Ms. Baturina to buy a property in Austria. Читать полностью -->

Farewell to Muslim Magomayev will take place on Tuesday

titleIn the Tchaikovsky hall on Tuesday held a farewell ceremony with the singer Muslim Magomayev, who died at the 67th year of his life last Saturday after heavy long illness, reported "Interfax" in the Department of culture of the capital."The farewell will be held from 10:00 to 13:00. Entrance will be free for everyone," said Monday the Agency interlocutor.Magomayev was born in Baku on 17 August 1942. He became widely known after the speech in the Kremlin Palace of congresses at the final concert of the festival of Azerbaijani arts in 1962. First solo concert Magomayev was held on 10 November 1963 in the concert hall named after Tchaikovsky.In 1963 Magomayev became a soloist of the Azerbaijan Opera and ballet theatre. Akhundov, continues to act in concert. In 1964-1965 he was trained at the Milan theatre La Scala.In 1969 at the festival in Sopot Magomayev gets first prize, and in Cannes - "Gold record". Читать полностью -->

Galkin was removed from the program `Who wants to be a millionaire?`

titleThe fate of the popular program "Who wants to be a millionaire?" has finally been solved. The first channel has acquired the license to produce the project and is going to find a new host.Recall: up to this point the first button had a license only for broadcasting "Millionaire". Produced program company W-media, basically making projects for the channel "Russia". The company itself had decided who to invite as participants in the intellectual game, and who is not. The First channel is not able to make any changes to the format of the TV quiz, got to broadcast the finished product.After leading the "Millionaire" became the face of the channel "Russia" took under his wing TV project "Star ice", in the TV circles have many questions. The main one is: will the program Galkina at all to go on the First channel? The decision Konstantin Ernst has not kept itself waiting long. Читать полностью -->

Doctors Yankovsky insist on chemotherapy

titleFor the life of the famous artist famous fights Professor Martin Schuler, renowned world expert in the therapeutic methods of cancer treatment.Oleg Ivanovich noticeably thinner, but remained cheerful spirit. In the hospital Essen of the actor from the early morning visits wife Lyudmila Zorina.Together with a friend who speaks perfect German, they arrive at the clinic about 10. By this time, the patients already had Breakfast. Usually in the diet includes light food: yogurt, fresh sandwiches. Then begins the treatment, professors and nurses examine patients, prescribe treatments. After that, the patient can relax.On the floor there is a mini-lounge area, which houses a pair of chairs for patients and visiting their loved ones, informs "Life.Ru". Читать полностью -->

Berlin film festival will open Thriller Tom Tykwer

title5 February 2009 Berlin film festival opens out-of-competition screening of the political Thriller "the international" by German Director Tom Tykwer, RBC reports.Based Thriller, starring played by British actors Clive Owen and Naomi watts, is the struggle Interpol agent with bankers, funding military action and terrorist organizations.Russian viewers Tom Tykwer, known for the film "Run Lola run", released in 1998 and the film adaptation of the novel by Patrick Suskind "Perfume", which premiered in 2006.Chairman of the jury of the festival. which will be held in the German capital from 5 to 15 February will be the actress Tilda Swinton.Berlin international film festival is an annual international competition that has been held since 1951 in Germany. The main prize of the festival - "Golden bear". Unlike the Cannes film festival, the Berlinale is focused on progressive geopolitical cinema. The jury paid special attention to ensure that the festival programme presents films from around the world. Source: Berlin international film festival will open Thriller Tom Tykwer. Читать полностью -->

The son of Britney Spears was in intensive care

titleMega-star pop scene itself took the boy to the clinic after the baby suffered a seizure.2-year-old Jayden James got in the intensive care unit after fell into a state close to coma. This occurred during a long-awaited Spears trip to her hometown of Kentwood in Louisiana.In the hospital except for the Spears went and all her relatives. They flew the 25 miles to get to the Medical center in the South-West of the Mississippi.The doctor who examined the boy could not identify the problem. The baby stayed in hospital for an examination. 26-year-old Britney, obeying maternal instinct, refused to leave his son. She demanded that her put a bed next to the couch, son.Informed sources close to the family of the singer, announced that Kevin Motherhood is going to fly to Mississippi on a jet plane in the next few hours.Meanwhile, it became known that Jaden fell into a state similar to a coma for no apparent reason. Читать полностью -->

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