A rating of badly dressed celebrities

titleIn Los Angeles at the age of 86 years died the most ruthless fashion critic Richard Blackwell, became famous for its annual lists of the most tasteless dressed celebrities - "Mr. Blackwell's Ten Worst Dressed Women".Even the Queen of England are unable to hide from his critics. According to the critic, the year 2007 was the "worst in the recent history of fashion".First Worst Dressed List 2007 Richard Blackwell put Victoria Beckham. According to Blackwell, the style of Mrs Beckham was a "skinny mini series-deformities". "Let's forget about fashion when it comes to Posh Spice: it is enough that at least she wore a skirt," he said in conclusion, Richard Blackwell.Paris Hilton was ranked first in the list of Blackwell in 2003, fifth in 2004, sixth in 2005 and tied for first place in 2006 with Britney Spears. Paris Hilton, according to Blackwell, no sense of style and it is devoid of taste.The now deceased Anna Nicole Smith headed the list in 2002, and got into it in 2004 (tenth place) and 2005 (seventh place).In different years Richard Blackwell was called Britney Spears 'Madonna's old clothes", "old Lolita" and "horror in the chaos of fashion". Читать полностью -->

The jury selects the participants `Eurovision`

titleThe jury of the national selection "Eurovision-2009" has selected 15 participants of the Russian final, the winner of which will represent Russia at the contest in Moscow.In the professional jury of the Russian contest "Eurovision-2009" includes music and television producers: Yuri aksuta, Kim Breitburg, Alexander Dulov, Igor Krutoy, Alexander Lunev Igor Matvienko, Vladimir song arrangements were done, Konstantin Meladze, Ruben Oganesov, Larissa sinelshchikov, Maxim Fadeev and Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee for the contest "Eurovision-2009" under the government of the Russian Federation Alexander Barannikov and Chairman of the Council for humanitarian cooperation of CIS countries Jahan pollyea.As RIA "Novosti", the finalists included:Alex - "don't think about you". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Oleg Yankovsky said farewell to the theatre

titleTo present the legendary Lenkom without Oleg Yankovsky impossible, but, alas, theatergoers clear that this will have to do.Yesterday the 64-year-old actor last appeared on stage of the home theater to play in the play "Marriage". Colleagues of Oleg Ivanovich with tears in his eyes said: "We know that this was the last performance. More Jankowski on the scene will not be released...". . . . Читать полностью -->

Detectives brought to mind Daria Dontsova

titleDarya Dontsova told the TV station Russia.Ru the detectives, who drove her to madness.When Darya Dontsova lived in Peredelkino, there was a case, after which she realized that she need to cease to exist only in the detectives and learn to live in parallel realities - closing the book, to live a normal home life wife and mom.Daria wrote another detective on the upper floor of the house, and the kids called her to dinner, cried out from downstairs. The family then had dinner in the house of creativity. Dontsov thought, "it's Cold, you should dress". He reached into the Cabinet, there is nothing suitable found, wearing only a sweater, and went downstairs in search of warm clothing and saw kids in shorts and t-shirts, ready to go out into the street. Happened dumb. The eldest son went to Daria, hugged her and said, "Mommy, don't worry. Читать полностью -->

Daniel Radcliffe will forever remain Potter

titleDaniel Radcliffe accepted the fact that he would forever associate with Harry Potter.Danny tried to get rid of this image by a completely different role in the play "Equus" and even full nudity on stage - but didn't work: the Potter has used it forever. But Daniel insists he's Magic will always be grateful to the boy for what the character is spurred him to develop in the profession."There is a harsh reality that has to live - and what it will annoy you, it is better to accept it and to accept that some people will always see in you only the most popular your character," says Radcliffe. And I don't want this adrenalise because... well, this role gave me so much... it's a reason to become an actor, and not get stuck in the character." Source: Daniel Radcliffe will forever remain Potter. . Читать полностью -->

Press attache Zemfira confirmed the rumors about her departure

titleThe press attache of the singer Zemfira Boris Barabanov confirmed the rumor that his ward after January 26 intends to suspend concert activity.As specified Mr. Drums in an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets", timeout rock diva will take awhile. Out of close contact with the audience Zemfira going to dive into writing new songs. Source: Press attachГ© Zemfira confirmed the rumors about her departure. . . Читать полностью -->

Star marriages: the most famous Russian couples

titleThe marriages of famous people always become the subject of discussion of the inhabitants. One of the last secular news was the wedding "the perfect nanny": recently, femme fatale Anastasia Zavorotniuk the 3rd time married.And here are some of the most famous and beautiful couples.Nadezhda Krupskaya, Vladimir Lenin. They were married on 22 July 1898 in the village of Shusha. According to one version, Krupskaya herself invited the leader of the world proletariat to marry her - otherwise she was not allowed to live with Lenin in exile. Krupskaya was Lenin until his last days.Anna Akhmatova and Nikolai Gumilev. Poets knew each other from youth. Читать полностью -->

`Madagascar 3` will be released in 2012

titleFilm Studio DreamWorks Animation announced the beginning of work on the third part of the animated film "Madagascar".As reported by the resource WorstPreviews with reference to the head of the Studio Jeffrey Katzenberg or cartoon will be released in theaters in 2012.The Director of the third series will be Tom McGrath (Tom McGrath). According to him, the main idea is the return of heroes to the Central Park zoo in new York, however, he is willing to consider other options, assuming the action in a different part of the planet.Recall that previously released in 2008, the sequel at 150-million budget has collected in world hire more than 293 million. Source: "Madagascar 3" will be released in 2012. . . . Читать полностью -->

`Daughter` of Gorbachev turned out to be a swindler

titleThe Prince of Monaco, enjoying a worldwide reputation as a staunch defender of animals that fell victim to loud hoax. Greek crook came to him, pretending to be the daughter of the former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev.Blue-eyed blonde Catherine Kechagia Icterine arrived in Monaco last year to found a branch of Green cross International, a non - governmental organization, created by Mikhail Gorbachev.Thanks to the help of the adviser of the Prince Catherine was go to the residence of the Prince and misled by the treacherous beauty Second albert honored her as the only real daughter of the President of the Soviet Union. He, in particular, promised assistance in the implementation of its plans and agreed to become honorary President of the Monaco branch of Green cross.In April of this year, Catherine was hospitalized with severe depression, and then went to recuperate in Switzerland. When the girl returned in Monaco, the police asked her to leave the territory of the Principality, as the Russian authorities had already made clear her fictional relationship with Gorbachev.As informs RIA of "news", now law enforcement agencies Monaco suspect that a fraud has been associated with the mafia, and her job was looking for access to the Prince's Palace. In addition, it was found that in Switzerland Katrin owns shares of six companies.It should be noted that various groups of organized crime quite feel at home in Europe. So, in September, the Neapolitan mafia, the Camorra has unleashed a real war against the government of Italy. Читать полностью -->