Clarified the circumstances of the death of Pushkin

titleTraces of blood that remained on the leather sofa, stored in the Museum-apartment, studying for relation the poet.All the details of the Museum staff have not yet disclosed, but on Monday there will be a scientific meeting, which may result in a sensation, according to the business newspaper "Sight".Old leather sofa works of Russian masters over seventy years was moved to a study of Pushkin. The tour guides are always noted that exactly the same was dying poet.Head of the memorial apartment of Galina Sedova long been solved the mystery of why the Hermitage in 1937 gave this sofa apartment Museum. Prior to this sofa belonged to the family Filosofov. Due to the fact that the owner worked at the Hermitage scientific Secretary, the sofa was in the bowels of the city's main Museum and has never been restored. The persistence of the keepers of the Pushkin apartment on the Moika, 12, resulted in a very timely examination."Neither the skill nor we really didn't believe in what can happen is a miracle and something will turn up. We received a call from the Bureau of forensic medical examination and said that swabs from 27 to only have a trace of blood. Читать полностью -->

The former wife of actor Panina quite desperate

titleThe conflict in the family actor Alexei Panin, associated with the redistribution of the child and the endless quarrels with ex-wife, broke out with renewed vigor.Hot-tempered artist again cruelly with 32-year-old Julia Udintseva, which unsuccessfully steps to reconnect with his one-year-old daughter taken away from her a few months ago.ScandalLast night an impoverished Julia came in one of police stations of Moscow. Distraught to separation from mother daughter takes desperate actions - she wants at least one eye to see her daughter. At this time she wrote a letter to the ex-wife of Alexei Panin and his parents - Udintsev claims that they keep the baby at home and not legally not allowed to see her baby. According to eyewitnesses, the police she came very nervous, irritated. Threw the statement on the table and left, not even waiting for the coupon on its adoption.Here's what she wrote in her statement:"At (...) live gr. Vlasov A. Читать полностью -->

Matt Damon will once again act in the role of Bourne

titleMatt Damon is rumored, has agreed to participate in the filming of the fourth part of the adventures of superspy Jason Bourne.The Director of the previous film Paul Greengrass also agreed to work, and became a writer George Nolfi responsible for many espionage action, including "the Bourne Ultimatum".A new film about Bourne should be an original story, not a continuation of the trilogy. The first three paintings were adaptations of novels by Robert Ludlam. Also clarifies that the script will not rely on the continuation of the books of Ludlam written by Eric van Lustbader.Shooting will start by the fall of 2009. Source: Matt Damon will once again act in the role of Bourne. . . Читать полностью -->

Shura is ripe for marriage

titleShura Bi-2 did the girl offer. For this event in their lives, the couple was two and a half years. Finally, Alex came to the conclusion that is ripe for marriage. He offered a sweetheart's hand and heart, but that response is promised to think about it!"I don't agree," said choosy bride Ekaterina Dobryakova."Don't say Yes, don't say Yes! says her decision Shura and explains to the journalists. - She's a feminist finished! I can't even convince, can you manage?". . Читать полностью -->

`Star wars` will compress into a two-hour performance

titleStudio of George Lucas Lucasfilm and composer John Williams has created a two-hour stage show based space Saga "Star wars.". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Top 10 beauty secrets that transformed Hollywood stars

titleDespite the sleek appearance of the stars, sometimes wonder how they manage to look so good? It is clear that a beautiful appearance is the hard work of stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers, so I'd like to know their secrets.Some of the leading masters of their beauty not hide it. Introduce you the best star tips for women in the cold season.Hollywood makeup artist and Creator of LORAC cosmetics, Carol Shaw advises not to reject a sexy bronze tan even in winter. It is not necessary to spoil the skin and through the day to the Solarium. The easy replacement of the UV light can be a bronzer LORAC TANtalizer Baked Bronzer, which successfully uses Jennifer aniston. A little money on the chin, cheeks, forehead, nose and again sparkle, as if just returned from the Sunny beach.Celebrity hairdresser Daniel Kowal told how to curl your hair to hairstyle long retain its gloss. If you want to buy beautiful curls, the actress America Ferrera, start Curling from the roots, using tongs smaller sizes. Читать полностью -->

Patrick Swayze released no more than two years

titlePopular Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze is suffering from pancreatic cancer, admitted that he has left to live no more than two years.In his first television interview since the diagnosis is confirmed, the star of Dirty dancing (Dirty Dancing) said he was "very scared" and "living in hell". However, he also hastened to assure his fans that he is "not lying on his deathbed, saying goodbye to the outside world.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Toby Maguire will once again be a father

titleGreat news! Toby Maguier and his wife, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer in the spring of next year will become parents for the second time! The couple already have a daughter ruby, born in 2006, and now Jen is expecting her second baby.Rumors about her pregnancy crept back in April, but then the PR agent Toby Kelly Bush disproved them, calling them "absolutely false". But now all on the same 100% true, and Bush confirms it! Source: Toby Maguire will once again be a father. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Golden globes-2009`: stars of the first magnitude

titleAt the Beverly Hilton hotel, Beverly hills, California, was one of the most significant ceremonies in the world of cinema Golden Globe Awards 2009. On this Grand celebration arrived showbiz stars of the first magnitude.And here's the list of winners in the major categories:Best drama - "Slumdog Millionaire".Best Comedy "Vicky Cristina Barcelona".Best drama actor - Mickey Rourke, "the Wrestler".Best drama actress - Kate Winslet, "Revolutionary road".Best actor in a musical or Comedy - Colin Farrell, "to Lay low in Bruges".Best actress musical or Comedy - Sally Hawkins, "Carefree".Best supporting actor - Heath Ledger, "the Dark knight".Best supporting actress - Kate Winslet, "the Reader.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Gosha Kutsenko has entered a `United Russia`

titleFamous Russian actor Gosha Kutsenko joined the Moscow branch of political party "United Russia". On Thursday, he was presented with a certificate of a member of the party, writes RIA "Novosti"."I'm here, because here the future of my country," said Kutsenko at the ceremony of awarding party ticket, which occurred at the conference of the Moscow city regional branch of the party "United Russia".Yuriy Kutsenko was born in 1967 in the city of Zaporozhye in Ukraine. In 1988 the family moved to Moscow, where the future actor was admitted to the Moscow Institute of Radiotechnics, Electronics and Automatics, but, having studied there for two years, he entered the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre them. Nemirovich-Danchenko.In 1991 Kutsenko played her first role in a movie - it was an episode in the film "the Man from team alpha. The fame of the actor brought his roles in "Mama do not cry" (1998), "Antikiller" (2002), "Night watch" (2004), "the Turkish gambit" (2005). Source: Gosha Kutsenko joined the "United Russia"". Читать полностью -->

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