Kate Winslet awarded `Oscar`

titleKate Winslet, nominated six times for an Oscar, became its owner in 2009 for her role in the acclaimed Stephen daldry "the Reader".In this category for an Oscar fought Anne Hathaway ("Rachel getting married"), Angelina Jolie ("Changeling"), Melissa Leo ("Frozen river") and Meryl Streep ("Doubt").In 2008, the award in this nomination was received Marion Cotillard, who played Edith Piaf in the film "Life in pink". Source: Kate Winslet was awarded the "Oscar"". . . . . Читать полностью -->

`Madagascar` embroiled Earrings with Malinovskaya

titleWork on the cartoon "Madagascar", in which two accounts moved in the rating tables of the James bond turned to the two Russian stars troubles of a personal nature.It is in that period came to nothing beautiful novel of Masha Malinovskaya and rapper Seryoga, who voiced Gloria the Hippo and Moto Moto. How convincingly they "played" love on the screen, assuring each other that "thicker and more appetizing each other in my life seen"! And how fast relations, which at the time was less than a year, crashed on the grounds of artistic differences...They came to voice acting often at the same time, although the graphics were different, - says Natalya, assistant sound engineer. - Behave like cat and dog because constantly confused with who 10, who is 12, and generally get up at this time, as I realised, it was a disaster for them. And started here with all personnel to discuss who is right and who is wrong.It would seem that Malinovskaya that Serge has long earned the image of a ladies ' man, but the final point in their romantic relationship, put it endless verbal sparring, and not, for example, infidelity.Another person always need to give freedom, " said Serge.Apparently, any other, but not freedom of speech. Sharp-tongued Mary managed to bury the love that many colleagues did not believe. Malinovskaya first and she could not imagine that I will fall in love with Belarusian rapper, with whom she was to participate in a joint photo shoot.- Although he, of course, such a...man, that's straight man-man! - TV star said before the first meeting with the hit maker."Awesome!" - Maria summed up, finally finding him for the first time.In the first five minutes of close contact with Sergey Malinovskaya faced with such directness, about what is and is not heard in the corridors of the Ostankino.- Here's a kiss you want, but I think you know from Timothy were kissing as I then?"Yes ...and I didn't kiss at all, it seems, at that moment Mary was embarrassed for the first time in many years.After was a joint vacation in Courchevel, "joint" red carpet best Moscow premiums, private parties, community projects. Читать полностью -->

Olesya Sudzilovskaya pregnant

titleFamous actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya preparing to become a mother. Now the star of TV series "Gangster Petersburg", "gossip", "Detectives" and many others is the fourth month of pregnancy.The father, a businessman Sergey, is serious. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Sergey and Olesya had long dreamed about the baby and now seriously thinking about the wedding.In the lives of other celebrities on both sides of the ocean such weddings are not uncommon. So, actress Jessica Alba married her beloved Cache of Warren in just a few weeks before the birth of his daughter Anor Mary. Tom cruise and Katie Holmes decided to celebrate the wedding only six months after the birth of his daughter Suri. But the bride at the ceremony, held in an Italian castle, looked resplendent.Anastasia also decided to get married only two years after the birth of his daughter Ariadne. Читать полностью -->

Courtney Love will marry my daughter to Robert Pattinson

titleCourtney Love decided to have the fate of his 16-year-old daughter Frances Bean Cobain. She wants the groom Francis was actor Robert Pattinson.The girl is a big fan of the movie "Twilight",and now as a leading man. Courtney said that they would be perfect together, despite the age difference.Love said that the young actor just charming and handsome and he certainly should get acquainted with her daughter. She does everything that this meeting took place. Source: Courtney Love will marry my daughter to Robert Pattinson. . Читать полностью -->

Jolie and pitt decided to conceive another child

titleDo Angelina Jolie and brad pitt did not heed the doctor's advice and decided to conceive another child? Magazine OK! claims that it is: a large couple preparing to have a seventh child.Angie supposedly sits on a special diet and taking prenatal vitamins, so it's possible that she'll get pregnant again soon."Her goal is to get pregnant before the first birthday Knox and Vivienne. And Angie is one of those people who always get their way," writes OK! Source: Jolie and pitt decided to conceive another child. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Angelina Jolie once again preparing to become a mother

titleActress Angelina Jolie, barely recovered after the birth of his son Knox and daughter Vivienne, has announced its intention to become a mother again. It is not about the fourth biological child of Angelina and her life partner brad pitt, but a new adoption.The completion of the family is expected very soon, and while business is slow only bureaucratic delays, writes the Internet-the edition "Days."."The process is even impossible to start until the youngest child reaches six months and until it becomes clear that the family normalcy," said the actress on a talk show from NBC.Jolie also spoke on the topic of their relationship with brad pitt. "I met the right person, and I'm not going to say anything that could make me confuse if I will make it! But I don't like to be without it. I don't like to be alone, as it was before.". . . Читать полностью -->

Rose Machaon finally broke up with her boyfriend

titleRose Machaon - woman, for which Robert Rodriguez left the family and made her an offer. She even started to prepare for the wedding. But it was just talk, because steam is constantly've diverged.In the photo, taken recently, the actress appeared without a wedding ring. Not a very smart move by rose nevertheless to refuse such party, after all, to break with Rodriguez she had to participate in three projects "groom": "Barbarella", "Red Sonja" and TV show "Woman in Chains". Not very good when your career depends on someone else. Source: rose Machaon finally broke up with her boyfriend. Читать полностью -->

Published manual on survival in the army

titleOn sale: army story "Kersey", which is already being called the survival guide in the army.Saturday, October 25, in Moscow store book store chain "Republic" were presented two new books "fiction" - made famous by countercultural interent resource Udaff.com mentioned the work of Vadim Chekunova and novel Apocalypse Dmitry Glukhovsky "Twilight" (limited edition). "Kersey" personally presented her first reader, author, and owner Udaff.com Dmitry (Odaff) Sokolowski.Debut novel Vadim Chekunova on the famous countercultural project was written actually online. The author worked under the nickname Kirzhach, his first post was back in 2006, and in April 2007 "Kersey" began publication. In recognition of Dmitry Odafa Sokolovsky, he tried to prolong the pleasure: receiving from Vadim new Chapter, print it, "he climbed into the bed and enjoyed" - and then publish it on your resource. The first part of the book were collected 1200 with superfluous comments. By the time in a paper version of "Kersey" received a "ticket" from the well-known writer Dmitry Bykov, who declared it "the best novel about the army in post-Soviet Russia".Vadim Chekunov, while in the performance of official duties - the writer teaches in China Russian language, on the presentation of their books was not hit, but Dmitry Udaff Sokolovsky, in fact discovered this author the General reader, gave the story the most honest and insightful comments. Читать полностью -->

Paris will see the new movie

titleGuests of the international festival "Rencontres internationales Paris - Berlin - Madrid" Paris, Centre Pompidou, will see more than 200 contemporary films and videos made in different genres and techniques.The festival "Rencontres internationales" (International meeting") is held since 1997 and offers a look at the art from different angles (film, video and multimedia) to open these works to the public and to promote the exchange of experiences between artists.The Centre Pompidou in Paris, the cinema which hosted over 200 applicants to join a new cinema and contemporary art, on the first day of the festival gave the audience "the surprise". They have demonstrated a "potpourri" of short films of different genres, from video art of the Portuguese Vasco AraГєjo before the us-canadian experimental video Erik Moskowitz and Amanda Trager First show was open to all, and in the following days, a ticket for most events will cost wishing from four to eight euros. The festival will be attended by 150 artists from around the world, reports RIA "Novosti".Guests will see the creation of world renowned artists from France, Germany, Spain, and other 60 countries and works by young Directors that demonstrate for the first time in Paris the fruits of his work. It is worth noting that some newcomers festival later gained worldwide recognition. Thai Director Apichatpong Weerasethakul received a special jury prize at the Cannes film festival in 2004, the American Miranda Julie in 2005 in Cannes went to "Golden camera" at the festival also exhibited his works future winners of the Berlin international film festival.Ten days of the festival will be held from 31 video, each of which will be accompanied by meetings with actors and Directors. Guests will be able to get, including, previews and thematic sessions. Читать полностью -->

Code Romanov will present the Church

titleThe remains of 11 people, was found in 1991 and 2007 in the Sverdlovsk region, can be recognized as Tsar of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC).Senior investigator for particularly important cases of the investigatory Committee at office of public Prosecutor of Russia (SKP) Vladimir Solovyov informed the correspondent that on December 1, presented the latest results of genetic examinations of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II, and he instructed the Synodal Commission on canonization of saints to return to the question of the recognition of the remains as relics of saints. Solovyov did not rule out that the case is about identifying the Tsar's remains may be closed until January 15, 2009.On Friday, the chief of the research branch laboratory identification of the U.S. armed forces Michael Coble said in Yekaterinburg that the result of a direct genetic comparison of DNA profiles found fragments of the bodies and blood stains from the shirt of Nicholas II was able to establish the authenticity of the Royal remains."On Monday, December 1, about 15 hours I took the Patriarch a letter outlining all the recent arguments of the investigation, - said Vladimir Solovyov correspondents of the Gazette. - Honestly, the reaction did not count, but the Patriarch on the same day called father's Maxim, Secretary of the Commission on canonization and instructed him to return to the question of the recognition of the remains".However, Archpriest Maxim Maximov mentioned Solovyov, told in turn to the correspondent of "Newspaper" that the specific position of the Patriarch of December 1 is not expressed, but merely instructed to attend a conference convened in Yekaterinburg for the results of the examination. "The text of the resolution reads: "the Archpriest Maxim Maximov. Ask to be an observer at this conference". Читать полностью -->

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