The best sumo wrestler of the world, was threatened with death

titleJapanese police has strengthened protection best sumo wrestler of the world of yokodzuny Assery, threats which were posted on a famous Japanese Internet forum 2channel"."I will come to the Palace sumo Kokugikan" kill him", - stated in the message on the forum. Police have warned about the threat of Assery and other sumo wrestlers, AFP reports.28-year-old Mongol Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj, acting under the nickname of Assery, won two victories at the start of the 15-day Hatsu Basho - the first super tournament in sumo in 2009, which runs until 25 January. Recently Assery was injured, and the famous sumo wrestler was forced to cancel his participation in several previous tournaments.A number of sumo fans demanded from Assery resignation, however, the Mongolian athlete decided to continue speaking. By the rules of the sumo Association of Japan, yokozuna cannot be deprived of their titles, however, should resign when his athletic performance will begin to deteriorate.During his career, Azazeru has been involved in scandals. In particular, he was accused of buying the winning results. In 2008 he testified about it in court.Anonymous Internet forum 2channel" is considered the largest in the world. Читать полностью -->

Tom cruise insulted Brazilian fans

titleActor and producer Tom cruise made a painful impression on his Brazilian fans that at the time of the promotion for the film "Valkyrie" was trying to speak Spanish.The actor didn't seem to realize that the national language in Brazil is Portuguese, not Spanish. At a press conference in Rio de Janeiro Cruz said the Spanish word "hola" (Hello) and "gracias" (thank you). His knowledge in the field of dance also led others into confusion. So, the actor said that the tango was one of the reasons that he fell in love with Brazil, while Argentina dance. The actor arrived in the country together with his wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri. Star family stayed at the Copacabana Palace. Читать полностью -->

`Vanguard` immortalized room of Alexei Cherepanov

titleHockey club "Avangard" immortalized room of Alexei Cherepanov, who died October 13.Sweater with the number "7" was made by Cherepanov, was raised under the arches of the Arena-Omsk" October 20, before the match of the Continental hockey League (KHL) between "Vanguard" and "Lada", according to "Sport-Express".Under the number "7" in the "avant-Garde" will no longer be a none hockey player. In the ceremony of raising sweaters Cherepanov attended the team captain Alexander Svitov and partners Cherepanov on the triad attacks Anton Kuryanov and Alexander Popov.All hockey players "avant-Garde" played with "Lada" with sewn on sweater numbers "7". The fans of the team unfurled a banner that says "you Alive so easy to imagine that in your death it is impossible to believe".Alexei Cherepanov, who was 19 years old, lost consciousness during a match "the hero" - "avant-garde" held in Chekhov situated near Moscow. The hockey player was taken to a local hospital where he later died. The reason for Cherepanov's death was heart failure caused by myocardiopathies (hypertrophy of the heart muscle). Source: Avangard immortalized room of Alexei Cherepanov. Читать полностью -->

Parents of Rihanna against her romance with brown

titleAccording to rumors, Rihanna spent the weekend with Chris brown in Miami. But her parents are totally against them novel, after what happened. "Each of us wants them to have a rest from each other.Nobody wants them to be together again," say the relatives of Rihanna.They thought that the singer wouldn't want to deal with brown after the 8th February 2009. They parted briefly. She licked the wound in Barbados, and he is at home in Los Angeles. But the separation did not last long. Читать полностью -->

`The dark knight` got 12 `screaming` awards

title"The dark knight" again breaks records. If recently it has been achieving in box office revenue worldwide, the film grossed nearly a billion dollars, now the picture comes classic packs.It happened on 18 October at the awards ceremony, the SCREAM-2008, which involved movies genres are fantasy, horror and science fiction. It is from here that Batman took a whopping 12 awards out of 29 possible, some of whom are home - in the category of the Ultimate Scream.Also in the ribbon prizes were given to Christian bale in the category "Best superhero", Gary Oldman for best supporting roles, and, of course, Heath Ledger, who posthumously was awarded two awards: "Best actor fantasy" and "Best movie villain".Two awards were given to the film "Sweeney Todd: the demon Barber of fleet street" - in the categories "Best horror film" and "Best actor in a horror movie or TV show that took johnny Depp. The same amount went to "Iron man" in the nominations "the Best science fiction film" and "Best actor in a science fiction film or television show, which took, respectively, Robert Downey, Jr...The prize SCREAM-2008 is now, and Anthony Hopkins - "For extraordinary contribution to the development of genre films Scream , Wes Craven got the Scream Mastermind Award "For outstanding work in the field of horror movies, and Tim Burton was awarded the Scream Immortal Award "for his unique interpretation of films in the horror genre and the fantasy".It is worth noting, in fairness, that the Scream Awards award is not yet so serious, it was established three years ago by a TV channel, Spike TV and the winner is chosen by viewers by voting on the official website of the organizers. But this campaign has already attracted the attention of a considerable number of film lovers and film stars. At the last ceremony had many of them: Samuel L. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears broke up with her last

titleBritney Spears has parted with its past. Now that she's moved out of his old house in the suburb of Los Angeles, we can confidently say: in my life artist begins a new period.A mansion worth 7.1 million the singer could recall only about the bad. It was from this house a year ago, she was taken on an ambulance and was hospitalized. There was unfolding dramatic events, which shocked the whole world. Fortunately, after a series of bizarre antics and dangerous adventures life singer was adjusted, but not reminiscent of the most enjoyable years of life Spears house decided to get rid of.The authorization to sell legal guardian Britney, her father Jamie Spears got back in June. Now the singer is building a new house, and while she rented a luxury mansion worth $ 9 million.Spears has already moved into a new house. Читать полностью -->

Mother Tatiana Totmyanin died in the hospital

titleNatalia Totmianina, the mother of the famous figure skater Tatiana Totmyanin, died in hospital without regaining consciousness after a severe accident.Edition KP confirmed that the coach of the skater Oleg Vasiliev: "unfortunately, it is. Now, sorry, nothing to comment and say I can't. Themselves must be understood. Call after the weekend. And please, don't bother Tatiana. She is now very hurt.". Читать полностью -->

The bitter tears of Katie Holmes

titleThe wife of actor Tom cruise Katie Holmes was bawling my eyes out on the street in new York.Katie, which has always been characteristic of calm and composure, sobbing in the middle of a huge street to catch the eye of passers-by, reports the Daily Mail. Next to the wife of Tom cruise was spotted Paul Dano, in the arms of whom she was looking for consolation.But, as it turned out, her emotional state and a stranger man near are not a cause for concern. It was just a dramatic scene for a new movie called "The Extra Man", the filming of which Katie is involved. The film began filming this month alone. Details of the role, which went to Holmes, are still kept in secret. The storyline is based on the story of the playwright-the loser who turned into a man, accompanying the rich ladies at social events.Dressed in a medium length coat, brown boots and a green hat, Katie convincingly creates the impression of extreme despair. Читать полностью -->

Khutsiev elected Chairman of the Union of cinematographers

titleHeld in Moscow VII Congress of the Union of cinematographers of Russia elected a new Chairman - Marlena hutsieva. The former head of Union Nikita Mikhalkov called Congress illegitimate.On the candidacy 83-year-old Marlena hutsieva, known primarily released in 1956, the film "Spring on Zarechnaya street", on Friday voted almost unopposed.Initially included in the list of candidates for the post of Chairman of the Union of 15 people, three to the Congress wasn't, took 11 recusal, citing employment.As a result, for hutsieva voted 330 present in the hall of Kyiv cinema House, nine abstentions, against nobody won that battle.Film Director Nikita Mikhalkov, 11 years before that headed the Association of representatives of Russian cinema, demonstratively left the Congress, warning that the question of its legitimacy to deal with the Ministry of justice."Ruthless absurdity". . . . . Читать полностью -->

In the USA the drunken spectators attacked Galkina and Serduchka

titleMaxim Galkin and Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka) was attacked in Miami. Brawl in the concert hall, which hosted the show participants the "Golden gramophone", turned into a mass slaughter.Closing the concert Danilko got more than others - he threw a bottle of soda, which hit him in the head. Maxim Galkin and did hastily under the guise of protection taken out of the hall...Unpleasant incident ended with the concert of stars of the Russian show business as part of a tour of the "Golden gramophone" in America. The local public swung great stars from overseas, such as Boris Moiseev, VIA Gra Valeriy Meladze, Maxim Galkin... the Final speech of Andrey Danilko, it seems, was doomed to trouble, as the excited audience rushed to the stage to dance. However, it got more and more distant part of the hall, who did not mince words to calm down mad men. Читать полностью -->

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