Dita von Teese tries himself as a singer

titleThe former wife of Marilyn Manson, a well-known dancer, model and actress Dita von Teese tries himself as a singer.The Queen of burlesque has signed a contract to release their debut album with Interscope and is currently engrossed in a Studio recording.Details of the project have not yet been reported. We only know that the basis of the disc will be cover versions of hits of the "Golden" Broadway era 30-40 years.Among selected Dita songs was the song "Lazy" by the famous American composer Irving Berlin - the stars of pre-war musicals.Information about the release date of the album Dita von Teese is not given. Source: Dita von Teese tries himself as a singer. . . . Читать полностью -->

Coldplay were the most successful musicians of the year

titleAt the award ceremony the award World Music Awards (WMA) in Monaco award for best selling album in 2008 she received the British band Coldplay, transfers on Monday Agency Reuters.Their album "Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends topped the sales in the US, the UK, Japan, Germany, France and other countries. Coldplay also won in the rock category, although to perform at the ceremony could not.The most successful pop performer recognized British Leona Lewis and pop performer - American kid Rock. He also became the best in men's category "pop/rock", while in the women's was won by Amy Winehouse. Lewis also won the prize for the most successful new project, and Alicia Keys won the award for R&B.On behalf of the Beatles Ringo Starr received a diamond award for his group sold more plates than any of the musicians. Mo to some reports, the number of sold albums The Beatles exceed 1 billion worldwide. Source: Coldplay were the most successful musicians of the year. Читать полностью -->

Bekmambetov will create the first Russian superhero

titleDirector Timur Bekmambetov will act as the producer of the first Russian high-budget superhero movie, the shooting of which begins in December, and the distribution is planned through the year.In the scenario of the film "Black lightning" - the story of how an ordinary Moscow student accidentally becomes the owner of a used domestic car, which, as it turns out, can fly. The main character is transformed from an ordinary man into a superhero, defender of the city, a mysterious fighter against Evil.According to the film directed by Alexander Voitinsky, in the new film the viewer will first see Moscow from a bird's eye view. He also added that in every man lives a hero and, "when life is a challenge, it turns out that we hid so much effort and love that Evil is not a chance".The creation of special effects and computer graphics for "Black lightning" by a team of specialists Bazelevs, who worked on the creation of the "Night Watch", "Day Watch" and the Hollywood debut of Timur Bekmambetov's "wanted".For its part, the Timur Bekmambetov did not believe that the phenomenon of the superhero is a typically American phenomenon: "it's a pretty common misconception. Superheroes is an integral part of the Russian cultural tradition. Ilya Muromets or Uncle Stepa-Policeman - is good and strong people helping all around, aren't they superheroes?".The film is also scheduled on the territory of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia, the Baltic States and others In Russia, the film will be released on 700 copies (for comparison: "Day Watch" - 510 copies, "Night Watch" - 325)."Black lightning" will debut in cinema advertising film Director, music video Director and composer Alexander Voitinsky. Cameraman - Sergey Trofimov - known for the films "Patrols", "Irony of fate-2", "Mongol". Читать полностью -->

Shooting `Our Russia` postponed indefinitely

titleShooting the fifth season of the sitcom TNT "Our Russia" was postponed indefinitely.Mikhail Galustyan and Sergey Svetlakov have no time. They from morning to evening, busy working on a feature-length version of the sitcom. She, by the way, removed the first month, and the script guys keep in the strictest confidence.It is known that on the document, among other worked Garik Martirosyan. Ravshan and Gumshuda so enriching - work in a big movie that they completely forgot about the program that made them famous.The premiere of the film to wait at least a year. Source: Filming "Our Russia" postponed indefinitely. . Читать полностью -->

Daughter Renata Litvinova first appeared in the movie

title7-year-old Juliana appears in a cameo role in the film Felix Mikhailov's "Jolly fellows, where removed, and Renata herself. Juliana plays the daughter of the heroine Ingeborga Dapkunaite.Mikhailov Litvinova and old friends. He persuaded the artist to bring the daughter to the big screen.Is the first Ulyanina movie role, but, despite this, she did great, " says Felix. - Of course, Genevieve is not an adult actress, but only a little girl, but in the picture she did everything right. Source: Daughter Renata Litvinova first appeared in the movie. . Читать полностью -->

Husband of Britney Spears has given her a new blow

titleOnly Britney Spears began to come to himself after all the twists and turns with ex-husband Kevin motherhood, as he struck again.While Britney is actively preparing for touring tour, the role of mom to her two sons performs Victoria Prince volleyball player, a new friend Kevin.Famous American singer believes that the new girlfriend of her ex-husband - rapper and dancer Kevin Federline is trying to win the favor of her two sons. Britney was furious, seeing pictures of Prince carried three-year-old Sean Preston and two-year-Gadana James in her arms, leaving the restaurant in his hometown Federline, says OK!The lovers stopped at parents Federline for a couple of days before leaving for the mountains in Northern California, where he planned to spend the weekend.Also in the magazine Life&Style published photos that Victoria is holding children by the hand. "Children are her life. She can't see the other, a foreign woman holds their hands", - said a source to the magazine Life&Style.For Britney, who had just emerged from the crisis dreams and hope to return their sons, it was the biggest insult that hurt a mother's heart can not bear. Close friends of the singer's fear for her emotional state.In the battle of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline for custody of his sons won the former spouse of the singer. But Britney herself after she was found incompetent, is under the tutelage of his father Jamie Spears, who manages the Finance, real estate daughter and monitor her treatment. Читать полностью -->

Heath Ledger was the best actor

titleThe other day in Sydney held its ceremony GQ Men of the Year Awards, where the Hit of the Ledger was awarded the title of Best actor for his role as the Joker in "the Dark knight".To receive the award for his son came Kim Ledger, who could hardly restrain his tears on stage, Recalling his "beautiful boy".Kim once said, as Heath liked to play the Joker. "He spend entire days on the set, teased partners, sometimes frightened them - and at the same time managed to create a unique personage ".The ceremony was also honored Hugh Jackman as the winner of the people's Choice and Baz Lurman in the category of Creative power. Source: Heath Ledger was the best actor. . . . Читать полностью -->

The book is about music won a prize from the Guardian newspaper

titleThe book "the Rest is noise" by Alex Ross received the award of the Guardian for the best debut. Ross told the story of the twentieth century through popular music, from Stravinsky to The Velvet Underground.The book "the Rest is noise" (The Rest is Noise) Alex Ross (Alex Ross) received the award of the Guardian for the best debut (Guardian First Book Award). Ross told the story of the twentieth century through popular music, from Stravinsky to The Velvet Underground.Judges called a debut book Ross "triumph of the highest quality and incredible coverage. New York music critic will receive 10 thousand pounds.In the shortlist this year included the contenders for the British Booker: "A Case of Exploding Mangoes" by Mohammed Hanif (Mohammed Hanif), about the murder of the Pakistani dictator General Zia-ul-Haq in 1988, the novel part of the whole" (A Fraction of the Whole) Steve Toltz (Steve Toltz), about the relationship between father and son, as well as the novel "God's Own Country" Ross Raisin (Ross Raisin) and the book by Owen Matthews (Owen Matthews) "Children of Stalin (Stalin-'s Children)about the love story of his parents in Russia and about his own reportorial activities in Moscow in 1990-ies.In the long list Guardian were four novels, a collection of short stories, a book of poems and four books from the category of non-fiction. These ten books were selected from 170 applicants.The best book to choose three writers, two of the journalist, poet and historian.P. S. Читать полностью -->

Amy Winehouse was hospitalized on vacation

titleThe infamous British singer Amy Winehouse was hospitalized after the attack during a holiday on the island of Saint Lucia. The singer, who suffers from drug addiction, once again fainted.The girl hurried to deliver to a local hospital. Eyewitnesses reported that she was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication, "her condition was terrible and it was shaking.A representative Winehouse confirmed her hospitalization, writes the newspaper "The Sun" In his words, Amy ended replacement drugs the medications she was taking. The hospital reported that the condition Winehouse is improving and it is expected that she will leave the hospital soon.It is known that the resort singer is trying to get rid of narcotic dependence. Although Amy Winehouse not so long ago stated that, after the course of treatment, has managed to get rid of this Vice. Despite the scandalous personal life and problems with the law, Amy Winehouse is one of the most successful British pop stars. Читать полностью -->

Former Director of the Moscow art Theater sentenced to 6 years

titleThe Moscow city court sentenced to six years in the colony, the former Director of the Moscow art Theater of Leonid's Monastery.He was found guilty in organizing the attempted murder of his wife, a ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre Irina Dmitrieva, daughter and son-in-law for a sole proprietorship, a five-room apartment in the center of Moscow. About this informed the head a press-services of Moscow city court Anna Usacheva."The monastery is recognized as guilty of the organisation of attempt at murder of two and more persons by hiring mercenary motives, - has told Usachyov. In this investigation considers that the crime was not brought to an end through no fault of the accused reasons. According to her, the court has appointed the former Director of the punishment is lower than envisaged by the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, taking into account the age of the Monastery, who is 68 years, and his state of health.According to investigators, in may this year 68-year-old defendant asked his guard, employee of a private security company, over 45 thousand dollars to fix his ex-wife, daughter and son-in-law for one to own a five-room apartment on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street. On 16 July he called and said that the offense committed. Monastic met with the guard, and two presented by the killers the police, gave them 600 thousand rubles, after which he was detained and arrested.As RIA "Novosti", the Monastery is partially admitted his guilt. Читать полностью -->

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