Johnny Depp is completely swamped in work

titleProduction company johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil has acquired the film rights to the book nick Toshes "In the hands of Dante.The book tells two parallel events: the creation of the divine Comedy in the 14th century and in our days, in which Nick Toshes trying to establish the authenticity of the manuscript of Dante.It is reported that Depp will not only produce a picture, but will play Toses.In addition, johnny is currently working on the Mad Hatter in Burton's "Alice in Wonderland", then ahead of him - "pirates of the Caribbean 4" and "the Lone Ranger" plus the dubbing of cartoon Mountain Verbinskaya "Rango".Also in March, Depp will begin shooting another producer of the project of the company - "the Rum diary" writer hunter S. Thompson. Johnny already played him in "Fear and hatred in Las Vegas" - and now again fit in szczuka Thompson. The script for the film written by Bruce Robinson, he will be the Director.In addition to the above on account of Infinitum Nihil and the project "Dark shadows", which should remove Tim Burton. It deals about the vampire Barnaba Collins, which also have sygart Depp. Not sboren from the accounts and other project - "Shantaram", where the main role, again, johnny: his film's fate is unknown, but is not closed completely. Читать полностью -->

Christina Ricci has a new boyfriend

titleChristina Ricci recently turned 29 years old. However, the holiday is the actress to make not, have modestly decided to celebrate the date.The paparazzi caught her walking through the streets of Los Angeles with new boyfriend - and no more degradasi of the images was not. Source: Christina Ricci has a new boyfriend (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

The best sumo wrestler of the world, was threatened with death

titleJapanese police has strengthened protection best sumo wrestler of the world of yokodzuny Assery, threats which were posted on a famous Japanese Internet forum 2channel"."I will come to the Palace sumo Kokugikan" kill him", - stated in the message on the forum. Police have warned about the threat of Assery and other sumo wrestlers, AFP reports.28-year-old Mongol Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj, acting under the nickname of Assery, won two victories at the start of the 15-day Hatsu Basho - the first super tournament in sumo in 2009, which runs until 25 January. Recently Assery was injured, and the famous sumo wrestler was forced to cancel his participation in several previous tournaments.A number of sumo fans demanded from Assery resignation, however, the Mongolian athlete decided to continue speaking. By the rules of the sumo Association of Japan, yokozuna cannot be deprived of their titles, however, should resign when his athletic performance will begin to deteriorate.During his career, Azazeru has been involved in scandals. In particular, he was accused of buying the winning results. In 2008 he testified about it in court.Anonymous Internet forum 2channel" is considered the largest in the world. Читать полностью -->

Tom cruise insulted Brazilian fans

titleActor and producer Tom cruise made a painful impression on his Brazilian fans that at the time of the promotion for the film "Valkyrie" was trying to speak Spanish.The actor didn't seem to realize that the national language in Brazil is Portuguese, not Spanish. At a press conference in Rio de Janeiro Cruz said the Spanish word "hola" (Hello) and "gracias" (thank you). His knowledge in the field of dance also led others into confusion. So, the actor said that the tango was one of the reasons that he fell in love with Brazil, while Argentina dance. The actor arrived in the country together with his wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri. Star family stayed at the Copacabana Palace. Читать полностью -->

`Vanguard` immortalized room of Alexei Cherepanov

titleHockey club "Avangard" immortalized room of Alexei Cherepanov, who died October 13.Sweater with the number "7" was made by Cherepanov, was raised under the arches of the Arena-Omsk" October 20, before the match of the Continental hockey League (KHL) between "Vanguard" and "Lada", according to "Sport-Express".Under the number "7" in the "avant-Garde" will no longer be a none hockey player. In the ceremony of raising sweaters Cherepanov attended the team captain Alexander Svitov and partners Cherepanov on the triad attacks Anton Kuryanov and Alexander Popov.All hockey players "avant-Garde" played with "Lada" with sewn on sweater numbers "7". The fans of the team unfurled a banner that says "you Alive so easy to imagine that in your death it is impossible to believe".Alexei Cherepanov, who was 19 years old, lost consciousness during a match "the hero" - "avant-garde" held in Chekhov situated near Moscow. The hockey player was taken to a local hospital where he later died. The reason for Cherepanov's death was heart failure caused by myocardiopathies (hypertrophy of the heart muscle). Source: Avangard immortalized room of Alexei Cherepanov. Читать полностью -->

Parents of Rihanna against her romance with brown

titleAccording to rumors, Rihanna spent the weekend with Chris brown in Miami. But her parents are totally against them novel, after what happened. "Each of us wants them to have a rest from each other.Nobody wants them to be together again," say the relatives of Rihanna.They thought that the singer wouldn't want to deal with brown after the 8th February 2009. They parted briefly. She licked the wound in Barbados, and he is at home in Los Angeles. But the separation did not last long. Читать полностью -->

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