Problems Britney Spears behind

titleAfter the trial against Britney Spears was discontinued - but the pop diva was accused of driving without a valid rights - the singer decided to open a new Chapter in his life.In anticipation of Halloween Spears with kids Sean Preston, Cadona James and a friend went to buy a traditional symbol of Halloween - pumpkin.Gently clutching Sean Preston, the singer was happy to pose for his fans and once again reminded still Britney.- The court, which lasted more than a year, was the last reminders of the dark days Britney, " says her lawyer Michael Flanagan. Now all her problems behind. Source: Problems Britney Spears behind. . . . Читать полностью -->

Pamela Anderson came to visit naked

titleThat naked Pamela Anderson came birthday, dressed only in heels, don't dare to dream any youths or adult uncle. However it happened! Unbelievable but true - a 41-year-old Pamela did it!The only person for whom pam went to such a step, and it is absolutely free, has become ... 82-year-old man.Of course, if his name is Hugh Hefner, if he was not the founder of Playboy magazine and was collected at the party in his estate, the most beautiful girls in the world... let's Be honest - exposure would not have happened.But pam had respected the old man and gave him 82nd-tier the birth of their nakedness. Hefner before the stunned, speechless, and with good minute examining a beauty and her charms with his mouth open.Surprise almost became the founder of "Playboy" in his last life. But thank God he came to himself and said to risk beauty is simple - "you look Good"! By the way, at the party there were three girls Hefner, who were terribly confused by the very act of pam. Читать полностью -->

Cher returned to the world of cinema

titleAfter a six year break to work in the movie decided to go back and cher. The singer just completed his farewell world tour, so now again commenced his film career, perhaps seriously.So far, she is to play on a couple of johnny Noxville in the Comedy The Drop-Out.Knoxville, the star of the show "Jackass" that goes on MTV, will act in the role of a 35-year-old blockhead, in his later years still a College student whose parents finally thrown out of his home. In desperation, he decides to contact the 62-year-old neighbor to keep a roof over my head, food, and access to the TV. However, it turns out that her neighbor has about the same son is a slacker and he really needs a father, even if it is a person of the same age.The project is still at a very early stage of development, and cher are already showing great interest in its role. The last time the singer was appearing as herself in the Comedy of the Farrelly brothers "Stuck on you". Director of the new paintings will be Ricky Blitt, he wrote the script. Читать полностью -->

Alexei German Jr. refused Union with Mikhalkov

titleThe famous Russian film Director Alexei German Jr. does not intend to join the Union of cinematographers of Russia, headed by Nikita Mikhalkov."Now if it turns out that I get a ticket in the UK, and everything is back to normal, that is, once again, Nikita Mikhalkov became Chairman, I don't want to be in this Union," said Herman Jr., quoted by RIA Novosti. According to him, many young filmmakers the same feeling.The Director believes that the Union of cinematographers has become a hostage of some personal vendetta by Nikita Mikhalkov, thanks to which, no one understands what is going on".Recall that at a meeting held in December 2008, the seventh Congress of cinematographers, in addition to the re-election of the Chairman, the question of the admission of new members of the Union, among whom was Alexei German Jr. Who led the Union Marlen Khutsiev, all approved petitions young filmmakers, however, in the future, the Ministry of justice refused to register the decisions of the Congress, declaring them illegal. Source: Alexei German Jr. refused Union with Mikhalkov. Читать полностью -->

Oskar Kuchera sends a nanny to jail

title38-year-old babysitter year-old son of the famous TV presenter Oskar Kuchera may end up in jail.Showman demands to punish the impudent woman, because of which his tiny son Daniel received a severe concussion and terrible wound of the face.Last Sunday the family of the popular TV presenter, almost had the irreparable misfortune. Natalia K., Oscar and Julia was hired to care their year-old son Daniel, dropped the baby on the stairs.HospitalTerrified parents brought the baby to the hospital, where the baby immediately put a few stitches on the face: poor boy so much hit the head on the floor, that was a terrible lacerated wound of the nose.- Nanny, goat, dropped it on the stairs! slightly recovering himself, told doctors the popular TV host. - Wife wants her sue!Surgeons carefully sewed up the crying boy TV stars terrible wound. Oscar and Julia had already brought the baby home, when suddenly, to their dismay, Danilo began to feel sick.- I had to take him to the Morozov children's hospital, said in the police station, the wife of Oscar. - The doctors said that the boy had a concussion!PoliceWhile the frightened parents took Danilo from clinic to clinic, disorderly Natalia ran away from home stars.- You know, we hired her through an Agency, " says Julia. - Given a probationary period of three days, but here is...At first, Oscar didn't want to punish the negligent woman. Читать полностью -->

Comedian insulted the deceased Heath Ledger

titleOn December 16 in one of the Comedy clubs of Hollywood 22-year-old Robert Pattinson and his friend hissed at the speaker, who, coming on the scene, said it was his performance of Heath Ledger, and then lay on the floor and began to twitch."Robert and his friend began crying out to him from the hall," the source told Us Weekly, is (according to the source, Robert Pattinson cried to him), "Go on ..! Freak!". But would-be humorist did not recognize the actor, recently get rid of their hair. "The comedian wasn't sure who it was, but I'm sure later he found it," said istonik. Source: the Comedian insulted the deceased Heath Ledger. . . Читать полностью -->

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