In the twenty-first century is not a good cinefantastique

titlePortal Moviefone has compiled a list of the 25 best sci-Fi movies in the history of cinema. The first place it took the "blade runner" (1982) Ridley Scott (Ridley Scott), the ranking did not get any film made in the twenty-first century."Immediately after its release, the film failed at the box office and has since undergone more facelifts than [the comedian and actress] Joan rivers [Joan Rivers]," - say the experts Moviefone, keeping in mind that "blade runner" was released in seven different versions. "However, this [a film about] a dystopian future that literally oozes with elements of film Noir".The top three also included "Star wars: the Empire strikes back" (1980) and "Aliens" (1986). The latest movies rating Moviefone become "the Matrix" (1999) - 6th place, and the Comedy "Galaxy quest" (Galaxy Quest, 1999) - 22nd place.Top 10 best sci-Fi movies, according to Moviefone:1. "Blade runner (Blade Runner), 1982;2. Star wars: the Empire strikes back (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back), 1980;3. Читать полностью -->

Jennifer Hudson buried her family

titleIn Chicago, after the funeral of his mother, brother and nephew of Oscar-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson.In the procession was attended by mayor Richard M. Daley, the famous American activist Jesse Jackson, and 200 invitees.The Church that hosted the funeral, and the cemetery, where the funeral took place, was cordoned off by the police. This measure was taken at the insistence of family members to shield them from prying attention of photographers.To make way for a funeral procession, the city authorities have blocked traffic on several streets and direct city transport alternate route.The body of 57-year-old mother and 29-year-old brother of the singer who died from gunshot wounds, were discovered at their home in Chicago on October 24. After a week in thrown in the street car the police found the corpse of a missing 7-year-old nephew of a celebrity. The child was killed by two shots to the head.On suspicion of the crime was arrested 27-year-old William Balfour - the foster father of boy, who served 7 years in prison for attempted murder and carjacking. The official charges against him are not yet filed.Jennifer Hudson performing career began after participating in show competition "American idol.". Читать полностью -->

Halle berry walks with baby

titleThe paparazzi caught in the lenses of Halle berry with her daughter the tax and Gabriel Aubrey. Baby Nala is so funny - curly, just like my mom!Source: Halle berry walks with baby (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Boris Moiseev almost choked on stage

titleBoris Moiseev gasped during his tour in the Urals. In the city of Pervouralsk concert of a popular singer threatened to end in tears.During the execution of the honored artist of Russia, famous for the song "Hate" that Boris Moiseev previously sang a duet with Lyudmila Gurchenko, his throat got paper confetti."It was like a nightmare," complained the other Day.Roux singer. - I sing a song and at this moment feel so suffocated. I even could not understand at first what had happened. One thought in my head was that it is impossible to fall, the concert after all. It later transpired that my throat got confetti that was used to make the brightness of the room. Читать полностью -->

In hire of the USA released film is dedicated to George W. Bush

titleIn the us rolling out the Oliver stone movie "W", dedicated to outgoing President George Bush. The white house has not commented on the interpretation of the 30 years life of the American leader.But the filmmakers say that they would not mind if the film will influence the choice of Americans.Shortly before the presidential elections in the us rolling out the film directed by Oliver stone, dedicated is still the acting head of state George W. Bush. The film received a laconic name "W" to begin with this letter middle name of the President - Walker (Walker). However, in Texas this letter doesn't sound as familiar to the classical pronunciation of "W.", and "Dubya" - as it is pronounced in Texas, which is also a native of the state of George Bush.Bush himself is actively used this letter during his first presidential campaign, welcoming his supporters a slightly modified sign "Victoria", which usually show, lifting up his index and middle fingers. Bush showed three.The Director announced the intention to make a film about Bush earlier this year.He wanted the Americans saw this film after the elections, or even in early 2009 after the inauguration of the new head of state. Читать полностью -->

George Michael wrote a new Christmas hit

titleThe famous singer George Michael is going to give their fans a Christmas new song of his own composition.The song called December Song will be free of charge on the website of the singer and in a number of music stores selling MP3 files with music.New song - first "Christmas" record of Michael since the days of the famous song Last Christmas", recorded in 1984 by the group Wham.On the radio new song will be released on Monday 1 December.To provide fans with a new Christmas song Michael promised during the August concert in the UK.Then the singer said that his show will be the last concert on the big stage. According to Michael, he intends to leave the bustle of the pop industry for "a peaceful life".Recently, however, the singer said that December 1 will still give another concert at the stadium in Abu Dhabi.According to a recent survey, in the last five years, Last Christmas was the most popular song in the UK can be heard before Christmas and the New year, BBC reports. Source: George Michael wrote a new Christmas hit. . . . Читать полностью -->

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