In Altai kicks off a year of Vasily Shukshin

titleThe opening years of Vasily Shukshin will take place on Friday in the Altai regional drama theater, which bears the name of the writer.The ceremony will begin Altai territory Governor Alexander Karlin, informed RIA "news" the representative of the Altai Directorate of press and information.Honorable guests and participants of the festival will be a national artist of the Russian Federation Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina, Alexander Filippenko and Valery Zolotukhin. Planning to come to the Altai and the first winner of Shukshin literary prize of the Governor of Altai Krai writer Victor Potanin.On Thursday, the day before the opening ceremony, at the State Museum of history of literature, art and culture of Altai opened an exhibition of unique materials that will be included in the new book "Vasily Shukshin: a Life in pictures", and will join the collections of the Museum.In addition, on Thursday in the Altai regional universal scientific library named after Shishkov hosted an evening portrait "This simple complex person Shukshin""". On Friday in the city library of a name Shukshin in Biysk will have a lesson on morality in journalism Shukshin with the participation of students and pupils of senior classes.In turn, on Saturday in the all-Russian memorial Museum-reserve Shukshin in the aggregates will take place the concert devoted to the 20th anniversary from the date of publication of the book "He's similar to their homeland," he told the management.In accordance with the decree of the Governor Alexander Karlin 2009 announced in the Altai region Year of Vasily Shukshin. During this period, the region will host a series of events devoted to the life and works of the famous writer, actor and filmmaker. In particular, it will be published an 8-volume collection of essays and Shukshin book "Vasily Shukshin: a life in pictures". Source: Altai kicks off a year of Vasily Shukshin. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton received three awards `Golden raspberry`

titleIn Los Angeles on Saturday night announced the winners of the annual award "Golden raspberry" award for the most dubious achievements in cinema, the Associated Press reports.The worst film in 2009 called "Sex guru". Comedian Mike Myers, who played in this movie, the main speaking role and co-wrote the script, was awarded two "Gold Malin" in their respective categories.Three awards for the most dubious of centostazioni got Paris Hilton. The "Golden raspberry" said her main role in the movie "the hottie and the nottie" ("The Hottie and the Nottie") and a supporting role in "the Genetic Opera" ("Repo! The Genetic Opera"). In addition, the Hilton for work in "Beauty and the ugly" received the award in the category "worst couple on the screen".The worst actor was pierce Brosnan for Mamma MIA!" ("Mamma Mia!"). The title of worst Director earned Uwe Boll, three of the film which was in 2009 nominated for a "Razzie". He was also awarded "honorary" award for lifetime achievement."Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull" has earned the title of "worst prequel, sequel and remake".The winners of the Golden raspberry awards are determined by results of voting, which is attended by 687 people. Читать полностью -->

Found the villain for `spider-Man 4`

titleSam Raimi spoke about its plans for two new "Spiders": the film has no script, but he can't wait to start shooting, he doubts whether they will do two films."I still have no script, but we are thinking to start in March 2010. It seems that still a lot of time, but we still need a script, and then have a fairly large-scale preparations for the shooting," said Raimi in an interview with MTV.As for the rumors that both films will be shot in a row, Raimi said: "This proposal Amy Pascal. But nothing has been decided yet. But if Tobey (Maguire), and me, and all producers will enjoy the story for two movies, we do"."But it will be a real test of endurance, I think only Peter Jackson knows how hard it is," added Ramey.Also, the Director of the trilogy, "spider-Man" said that he would like to make a villain in one of the films of the Lizard "I think one day the Lizard story will be told. I'm not sure whether the following movie. No I very much hope to work again with Dylan Baker. Читать полностью -->

Most sexy moms Russian show business

titleRussian show business is undergoing a baby boom. Safely became mummies stars such as Glucose, Alsu and Olga Drozdova.And with the birth of children, young singer and actress did not lose its appeal, but on the contrary, flourish, encouraging others to give birth.If you look at the alley of our star moms, it becomes clear that any one of them could easily claim the title of a sex symbol. Source: The sexiest milfs Russian show business (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears spoke about his difficult life

titleZ0 November, the MTV show in America new documentary about Britney Spears "Britney: For The Record".In it the singer candidly talks about his life, and, according to her, now she's more like a prison, and even worse:"When you sit in prison," says Britt, " you know that sooner or later you will go out from here, and it's all over. But in my current situation, nothing changes. It's like the movie "Groundhog Day" with bill Murray.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Lazarev avoids meeting with Topalov

titleTwo stars seemed closely within the restaurant, because of what the singers almost tore a charity event.Sergey Lazarev appealed to the organizers of the annual event in aid of orphans with a request to protect him from the meeting with Vlad Topalov, who was also cited among the participants.Lazarev said that will not come to the restaurant, if at this time there will be Vlad.The organizers failed to provoke a conflict between two stars, therefore, has appointed former buddies different times.The first in the restaurant Topalov arrived.I am happy to help children, because today all money raised will be sent to orphanages, - said Vlad. - Sergey I don't want to see that, so will be leaving soon.Upon learning that his meeting with Topalov managed to avoid, Sergey came to a complete delight and naughty, like a child.- Sell your kiss for 500 rubles, " called Lazarev, perched on the counter. - Free cash, come!One of the attendees immediately bearings and bought a memorable kiss on the lips from the idol.Pleased that day looking to eat and graceful "Brilliant". Graceful girls gladly handed to fans of wholesome meals.- Potatoes fries are delicious, and I eat it very often - shared with buyers Nadia Handle.Star beauties continually replaced each other behind the counter. The appearance of blond beauties from the group "Reflex" caused the audience not only increased appetite, but also creative recovery:- Even if the world around me I still can not find, you're my favorite and affectionate friend, " all of a sudden has poems dedicated to his Wife Malakhova buyer. Source: Lazarev avoids meeting with Topalov. Читать полностью -->

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