Named the sexiest film in the history of cinema

titleThe 1998 film "Out of sight", starring starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez, recognized as the sexiest film in cinema history.To such conclusion came the magazine Entertainment Weekly, which amounted to a rating of the sexiest paintings by version a hundred figures of the film industry, writes on Sunday, British newspaper the Telegraph.As noted Directors, producers, actors and critics who participated in the survey, thanks to Clooney and Lopez this film, directed by Steven Soderbergh, was a real "cinematic aphrodisiac". In addition, this film has given a Fillip to the film career of George Clooney, while for Lopez, according to respondents, the role in "Out of sight" remains her best work in film.Second place was awarded to a painting of 1940-the year of "His girl Friday" (His Girl Friday with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell in the lead roles. Critics noted that "hints of intimate things" shown in this picture, was the basis for the subsequent development of the erotic film genre.Closes the top three most sexiest tapes according to the figures of film productions the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" with brad pitt and Angelina Jolie. Source: Named the sexiest film in the history of cinema. Читать полностью -->

Orthodox churches are preparing for the Great Council

titleOrthodox churches held a meeting in Istanbul at the invitation of the Patriarch of Constantinople. On its results it was decided to convene in 2009 a number of meetings to prepare for the great Orthodox Cathedral, which is expected for several centuries.The patriarchs also decided to prepare for the Council's response to the challenges of the modern world, increasingly globalized economically, but not human.Those are the challenges that have been set by the primates of the Orthodox Churches at the end of a recent meeting in Istanbul, organized to mark the anniversary year of the birth of St. Paul.The purpose of the meeting stated in the final document, signed by all the heads and representatives of Orthodox Churches according to the canons of these Churches, operating on the principle of unity. The document was the Metropolitan of Pergamon Ioannis Zizioulas, Albanian Anastasios and Kirill of Smolensk, on the basis of an introductory speech by Patriarch Bartholomew I.The text, as the "Radio of Vatican" - voluminous and structured, touches upon different subjects, such as the global economic crisis, the relationship between science and religion, family and other underlying evils of today's world.The document begins with a criticism of the Churches regarding the presence of nationalist ideas that weaken the Church's influence on solving the problems that plague society.The document also touches on political, economic and social themes, condemning gap between rich and poor, growing dramatically because of the economic crisis, but emerged primarily because of speculation, devoid of sensitivity and humanity and therefore not contributing to the satisfaction of genuine human needs, but serving primarily the interests of individual people.The Orthodox world, according to its representatives, shall, together with other religions and non-believers, to realize their own responsibility for human actions, were carried out without any criterion.Evangelism remains the mission of the Church, but it must be done with love, humility and respect for the cultural identity of the middle. In order to meet this challenge, we read in the paper, the Orthodox Church must act in accordance with her traditional principle of collegiality, by his own canons, allowing misunderstandings arising inside in the spirit of peace and love, continuing the dialogue with other Christian confessions and other religions, given that the existing separation pose a threat to peace.During the meeting we established a pan-Orthodox Commission on bioethics.HelpAs a "Universal" Orthodox Church recognizes seven Cathedrals:I Ecumenical Council - Nicaea 325II Ecumenical Council of Constantinople 381,The third Ecumenical Council - Ephesus 431 A. D.IV Ecumenical Council - Chalcedon 451V Ecumenical Council - Constantinople 2nd 553VI Ecumenical Council - Constantinople 3rd (680-681) .The seventh Ecumenical Council - Nicaea 2nd. Читать полностью -->

Knightley had loved only one woman

titleTerrible news about the death of the wife of Konstantin Khabensky has shaken the whole country. It is not even in the exceptional popularity of the artist.Just as long as she lived Nastya - many had hope that even the most deadly disease may retreat, if there is real love and support of her family. Alas. Even the best doctors failed to save Anastasia Khabensky.Constantine now have a very hard time. More than a year he lived with hope, doing son, working for two and flying to the wife, as soon as they had free time.Keira Knightley looks perfect monogamous. With a young journalist named Anastasia actor met in the cafe at the theater in 1998. Читать полностью -->

Anton Sikharulidze brought to light new lover

titleFor the first time after the official breakup with his fiancГ©e Hope Anton Sikharulidze appeared in public with a new companionThe presentation of the debut solo album of Anna Semenovich figure skater came in the company of charming young blonde. Despite the presence at a public event, Sikharulidze had made desperate attempts to hide the girl from prying eyes.At the party the pair spent only 20 minutes. In the club he spent his companion through the back door. Young people are immediately ensconced in the VIP area, where the waiter brought them a glass of champagne. It seemed that Anton and his girlfriend did not notice what is happening around them and were completely engrossed in each other and the conversation. The athlete gently held the girl's hand and said something to her, lips touching her face.Peace and solitude of the pair was provided by two burly guards. Читать полностью -->

Star transformation: blondes and brunettes (pics)

titleStars repainted - head wash...Celebrities act quickly, decisively and radically: yesterday was a blonde, today - please brunette already.The result is not always good, but the star beauties it did not seem to bother. Better mess than the monotony! Source: Star transformation: blondes and brunettes (pics). . . . . Читать полностью -->

In Rome international film festival opens

titleIII Rome film festival kicks off on Wednesday. It opens the famous American actor al Pacino. Honored by the role of "the godfather" and other famous characters will be awarded a statuette of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius for career achievement, ITAR-TASS reported.Wednesday Pacino will present to the Italian public the film "Chinese coffee." It is an independent directing project the actor, in which he played a major role - craving fame of the writer. Pacino finished this second his films back in 2000, but after the successful March of American festivals, the picture did not come out on the wide screen. In Rome held its international premiere.Among other big Premier show - "the Duchess" with keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes, and "Pride and glory" with Edward Norton, Colin Farrell and Jon Voight. Special event of the festival will be a screening of UN-sponsored film against poverty. Читать полностью -->

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