Published manual on survival in the army

titleOn sale: army story "Kersey", which is already being called the survival guide in the army.Saturday, October 25, in Moscow store book store chain "Republic" were presented two new books "fiction" - made famous by countercultural interent resource mentioned the work of Vadim Chekunova and novel Apocalypse Dmitry Glukhovsky "Twilight" (limited edition). "Kersey" personally presented her first reader, author, and owner Dmitry (Odaff) Sokolowski.Debut novel Vadim Chekunova on the famous countercultural project was written actually online. The author worked under the nickname Kirzhach, his first post was back in 2006, and in April 2007 "Kersey" began publication. In recognition of Dmitry Odafa Sokolovsky, he tried to prolong the pleasure: receiving from Vadim new Chapter, print it, "he climbed into the bed and enjoyed" - and then publish it on your resource. The first part of the book were collected 1200 with superfluous comments. By the time in a paper version of "Kersey" received a "ticket" from the well-known writer Dmitry Bykov, who declared it "the best novel about the army in post-Soviet Russia".Vadim Chekunov, while in the performance of official duties - the writer teaches in China Russian language, on the presentation of their books was not hit, but Dmitry Udaff Sokolovsky, in fact discovered this author the General reader, gave the story the most honest and insightful comments. In particular, he corrected the chief editor of "Popular literature" Alexander Gavrilov, when he recommended "Kersey" naslushavshis in the army as a hysterically funny piece. "The book is certainly written sometimes very humorous, but it's not a humorous novel - said Sokolowski in an interview.Ru. - The story, in General, about how the person turns into a completely different creature, quite unlike what he was before, and nothing particularly funny I don't see it".According to him, in the army faster than man sinks to the level of the animal in the best sense of the word, the easier it is to serve. Udaff admitted that he had the impression that it has now become safer to serve. "I have a strong feeling that before it was a little meaner, besbashennue, I suppose," said Sokolowski. - I have had several such cases, which it is better not to remember, but, nevertheless, there is a sense that, having been in the army, I made a big human thing, though, and returned hopelessly stupid man. The difference between who you were and who you became, after the army has to restore the years".In addition, Udaff said that was the first reader of new works by Vadim Chekunova posted on the website "outlines his stories about China". "About lava - Vadim called in China lavy, "non-local". So far, it's like a diary, it is yet to be made into a novel, but the material itself is already interesting. About this country from the point of view of tourists who carry bags from China to Russia, we know nothing, and to learn from the man who lives there for years, teaches Chinese and lives in the heart of China is, of course, quite another matter".Dmitry Sokolov showed the most lively interest, and to new creative stages in the life of its namesake - writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, whose limited edition "Twilight" went on sale the same day as "Kersey". Odafa worried about two issues: how to quickly get svezheizdannaya the sequel to "Metro 2033" and the survival of someone in the St. Petersburg metro. Dmitry Glukhovsky assured that the Petersburgers, no doubt, took his chance to stay alive, promised to meet with Sokolovsky "Metro 2034" before the official release in April, and the rest of the readers have hinted that, among other things, writes in the book about love. Companionship svershilos autograph session: Dmitry Glukhovsky reached beauties-readers, and Dmitry Sokolov had to sign for Vadim Chekunova. "Over the fact that someone will adopt Vadim", - joked Udaff. Source: Published manual on survival in the army.

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