Paris will see the new movie

titleGuests of the international festival "Rencontres internationales Paris - Berlin - Madrid" Paris, Centre Pompidou, will see more than 200 contemporary films and videos made in different genres and techniques.The festival "Rencontres internationales" (International meeting") is held since 1997 and offers a look at the art from different angles (film, video and multimedia) to open these works to the public and to promote the exchange of experiences between artists.The Centre Pompidou in Paris, the cinema which hosted over 200 applicants to join a new cinema and contemporary art, on the first day of the festival gave the audience "the surprise". They have demonstrated a "potpourri" of short films of different genres, from video art of the Portuguese Vasco AraГєjo before the us-canadian experimental video Erik Moskowitz and Amanda Trager First show was open to all, and in the following days, a ticket for most events will cost wishing from four to eight euros. The festival will be attended by 150 artists from around the world, reports RIA "Novosti".Guests will see the creation of world renowned artists from France, Germany, Spain, and other 60 countries and works by young Directors that demonstrate for the first time in Paris the fruits of his work. It is worth noting that some newcomers festival later gained worldwide recognition. Thai Director Apichatpong Weerasethakul received a special jury prize at the Cannes film festival in 2004, the American Miranda Julie in 2005 in Cannes went to "Golden camera" at the festival also exhibited his works future winners of the Berlin international film festival.Ten days of the festival will be held from 31 video, each of which will be accompanied by meetings with actors and Directors. Guests will be able to get, including, previews and thematic sessions. In addition to the sessions and exhibitions during the festival will include workshops, where experts will discuss trends in the development of modern art. One scene shows six-minute video will be shown to the Russians Galina Myznikova and Sergei provorova "Slippery mountain" who participated in the program "Media Forum" in the framework of the XXX Moscow international film festival. Source: Paris will see the new movie.

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