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titleThe remains of 11 people, was found in 1991 and 2007 in the Sverdlovsk region, can be recognized as Tsar of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC).Senior investigator for particularly important cases of the investigatory Committee at office of public Prosecutor of Russia (SKP) Vladimir Solovyov informed the correspondent that on December 1, presented the latest results of genetic examinations of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II, and he instructed the Synodal Commission on canonization of saints to return to the question of the recognition of the remains as relics of saints. Solovyov did not rule out that the case is about identifying the Tsar's remains may be closed until January 15, 2009.On Friday, the chief of the research branch laboratory identification of the U.S. armed forces Michael Coble said in Yekaterinburg that the result of a direct genetic comparison of DNA profiles found fragments of the bodies and blood stains from the shirt of Nicholas II was able to establish the authenticity of the Royal remains."On Monday, December 1, about 15 hours I took the Patriarch a letter outlining all the recent arguments of the investigation, - said Vladimir Solovyov correspondents of the Gazette. - Honestly, the reaction did not count, but the Patriarch on the same day called father's Maxim, Secretary of the Commission on canonization and instructed him to return to the question of the recognition of the remains".However, Archpriest Maxim Maximov mentioned Solovyov, told in turn to the correspondent of "Newspaper" that the specific position of the Patriarch of December 1 is not expressed, but merely instructed to attend a conference convened in Yekaterinburg for the results of the examination. "The text of the resolution reads: "the Archpriest Maxim Maximov. Ask to be an observer at this conference". That is, except as an observer, I do not vouch for," said Maximov.The official representative of the Moscow Patriarchy Vladimir Vigilyansky explained to the correspondent of "Newspaper" that the question of recognition of the Tsar's remains while not to be decided. "The death of the Patriarch suspended the entire course of Church events. First you need to bury the Patriarch, then his case will be taken by the Locum Tenens, Metropolitan Kirill, said Vigilyansky. "The way it is in the Church is done, I can say that we have to wait for the meeting of the Commission on canonization. Metropolitan Juvenal must assemble a Committee to address this issue and to give the matter to the Commissioner for his decision.".

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