The St. Petersburg censorship against `the vagina Monologues`

titleAuthorities of St. Petersburg have banned the advertising of the famous play "the vagina Monologues", citing ethical considerations. This was reported in the LJ community newdrama.According to the party's Femme Fatale community, city officials did not have problems with the word "vagina" in the title. Instead, the Committee on advertising of St. Petersburg did not approve of the hand of the girl on the Billboard. According to representatives of the Committee, hands ridiculously stacked".The play "the vagina Monologues" (The Vagina Monologues was written by Eve Ensler (Eve Ensler) and first staged in 1996. The works belonging to the genre of documentary theatre based on interviews of Ensler with many women about their vaginas and all that is connected with it.The play became one of the most successful productions in the theatre's history, at one time she walked in 25 countries simultaneously. The Russian play "the vagina Monologues" directed by Giuliano Di Capua (Juliano Di Capua) goes to St. Petersburg Music hall since 2006. Source: the St. Petersburg censorship against "the vagina Monologues"".

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