In the Netherlands, found paintings of Renoir and tegnГ№e is just

titleThe Dutch police arrested three suspects in the attempted sale of the stolen paintings.In the collection of the arrested was found 8 paintings were considered lost 17-19 centuries, including paintings by Renoir and tegnГ№e is just, AFP reports. Found Dutch police the paintings were stolen from the picture gallery of Maastricht in 1987.Police said the paintings are in very poor condition. Some canvases, apparently, for years it was stored folded.In the case of the sale of the stolen paintings were arrested 45-year-old German living in Dubai, and his 62-year-old mother, as well as 66-year-old man. The names of the suspects are not called. Also not specified how they got these canvases.The police became interested in sellers of paintings, when they offered to buy the 6 paintings by one of the insurance companies. It turned out that the paintings were insured in this company, and at the time she paid the insurance for the loss in the amount of 2.8 million dollars. Source: In the Netherlands found paintings of Renoir and tegnГ№e is just.

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