Mikhalkov was awarded a prize by Kurosawa

titleThe prize of 50 thousand dollars Mikhalkov was awarded in the framework of the 21st international film festival in Tokyo. The award was given to the Director for his contribution to world cinema.At the ceremony, Nikita Mikhalkov called Akira Kurosawa "the world's greatest Director." According to Mikhalkov, he would like to see Kurosawa as his teacher along with Bergman, Fellini, and Dovzhenko , said on Sunday Newspaper.ru.Nikita Mikhalkov is known in Japan for his films "Oblomov", "Burnt by the sun", "unfinished piece for mechanical piano", "the Barber of Siberia". The award Akira Kurosawa was Warren Beaty, Clint Eastwood, Milos Forman, Steven Spielberg. Source: Mikhalkov was awarded a prize by Kurosawa.

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