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Top selling artists of the world Chinese

titleExperts in the field of the global art market has completed an analysis of 2900 auctions held in the last season - from July 2007 to June 2008. And made a list of the 500 most "selling" artists and sculptors.At the top of the list is dominated by artists from Asia, and a significant portion of them are Chinese, writes the edition "New news".Experts predict that in few years the term "Asian art" will be used as widely and often as today "Western art". Having a large trade surplus and huge foreign exchange reserves, China will surely emerge from the current crisis superpower. Not only in the economy. In relation to the contemporary art of China is already considered to be one of the most developed countries.This is confirmed by the results of world auctions. Of the twenty most popular commercial representatives of the art world at the end of the season 13 - Asians: 11 represent China and one each in Japan and India. Six Asian artists and sculptors included in the top ten, and five of them - the Chinese.However, in this ranking of the top four places still hold Western artists: Jeff Koons, Jean-Michel BaЕЎka, Damien Hirst and Richard Prince. All other Asians. Five of them represent China and one is a bright representative of psychedelic pop art Takashi Murakami is Japan.In respect of the paintings and sculptures of money Western Quartet while still significantly exceed six Asian: 202,4 million pounds (320 million dollars) and to 125.6 million pounds ($195 million), respectively. But experts believe that this is a temporary phenomenon.Given the dizzying pace of sales growth Asian artists and sculptors, the gap in sales will soon disappear, but the most popular Chinese artist Zhang Xiaogang (5-th place with 32.3 million pounds or 50 million dollars), most likely, next year will replace Richard Prince, with its 33 million pounds."These people grew up in postsovestskom China," says Chan, " and lived in an era of profound political and social change. All this is reflected in their work". Source: top selling artists of the world Chinese.

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