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In Russia revived the production of vinyl records

titleBecome part of history and collectible vinyl records have a chance to once again become part of modern culture.Now in Petersburg they are cleared by customs press for printing of records, which would soon begin to fill the shortage of this type of media music, reviving in Russia vinyl culture. While modern domestic records artists mostly printed in the Czech Republic.Mass production of vinyl records in Russia was halted in 1995. The format is clearly inferior to digital in purely domestic terms, such as storage and carrying, and in disputes about the difference and the sound quality is still breaks down a bunch of copies. In the USSR records released plants based in Riga, Tashkent, Tbilisi, and closed in 1971 the plant in Baku. The largest manufacturer of vinyl - the Aprelevka factory of records stopped production in 1995. The plant slowly decayed, the equipment was sold off. There were rumors that some of the shops of the printed products is unknown at whose orders. Now vinyl records (or, using professional terminology, LP) are once again gaining popularity - this says confidently increase their sales amid falling sales of legitimate CDS. The most popular available for mass audience and are a major headache right holders, the MP3 format is not to the liking of those who are over forty. For them an important component of the music remains the ritual itself: to get the record out of its sleeve, put on your vintage or just quality turntable and, finally, enjoy expensive "deep" sound.Second wind-forgotten media decided to give Moscow-Russian tandem enthusiasts, in time I remembered that new is well forgotten old. St. Petersburg label Lilith records, known for its reissue LPS of Bob Marley, Brigitte Bardot, together with the Italian company Abraxas records bought in Aprelevka the equipment remains, and in February it is expected the appearance of the first editions of modern Russian vinyl. One of the main Russian enthusiast-"vinyldecal", the head of the issuing company Solnze Records Oleg Tarasov has told to the correspondent that now printing plates in many countries, but the largest and most inexpensive factory is located in Czech Republic. It Tarasov and vinyl prints the circulation of their "independent" artists, including releases of the St. Petersburg thrash-garage band Messer Chups "Hyena Safari" and "Zombie Shopping". There he plans to release a reissue of three double LP of "Civil defense": "Long happy life", "Resuscitation" and "Why dream dreams". By the way, Tarasov eating in Aprelevka in 1994 1 thousand vinyl records the Yankees Dyagilevo "Shame and disgrace", was one of the last customers which closed in the 1990s of the plant. Arriving there two years later, Tarasov, according to him, found another 4 thousand of these discs (further fate is unknown).Now this vinyl, as well as the first double album of "Civil defense" "Everything is going according to plan", is estimated at between $ 4.5 thousand rubles. In the Czech Republic with the filing Tarasova now printed a seven-inch single (vinyl record with four songs) crisis Sergey Shnurov project "Ruble", created after the dissolution of the group "Leningrad". What releases will delight native listeners of the famous plant in Aprelevka, which next year will celebrate 100 years, and what will turn the circulation producing independent publishers to help industrial giant, it will become clear this winter.Alex. Source: Russia revives the production of vinyl records.

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