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Clarified the circumstances of the death of Pushkin

titleTraces of blood that remained on the leather sofa, stored in the Museum-apartment, studying for relation the poet.All the details of the Museum staff have not yet disclosed, but on Monday there will be a scientific meeting, which may result in a sensation, according to the business newspaper "Sight".Old leather sofa works of Russian masters over seventy years was moved to a study of Pushkin. The tour guides are always noted that exactly the same was dying poet.Head of the memorial apartment of Galina Sedova long been solved the mystery of why the Hermitage in 1937 gave this sofa apartment Museum. Prior to this sofa belonged to the family Filosofov. Due to the fact that the owner worked at the Hermitage scientific Secretary, the sofa was in the bowels of the city's main Museum and has never been restored. The persistence of the keepers of the Pushkin apartment on the Moika, 12, resulted in a very timely examination."Neither the skill nor we really didn't believe in what can happen is a miracle and something will turn up. We received a call from the Bureau of forensic medical examination and said that swabs from 27 to only have a trace of blood. The sofa downstairs - two large wide drawer. The drawers for linen. Therefore, if this sofa was in a residential building, he could not be in a living room or dining room. He could stand only in the office. And if you really Filosofov got this sofa from the Pushkin family, then this is the sofa that once stood in his office," - said the head of the Memorial Museum-apartment of A. S. Pushkin at the Sink Galina Sedova.The washings are done in those places, where, according to experts, could be the blood of the wounded Pushkin. If the version is confirmed, a leather sofa from the usual exhibit of Pushkin's era will turn into a real artifact.The results of the forensic medical examination and genetic analysis will announce on February 9 special scientific meeting, informs "Fontanka.". Source: Clarified the circumstances of the death of Pushkin.

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