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The former wife of actor Panina quite desperate

titleThe conflict in the family actor Alexei Panin, associated with the redistribution of the child and the endless quarrels with ex-wife, broke out with renewed vigor.Hot-tempered artist again cruelly with 32-year-old Julia Udintseva, which unsuccessfully steps to reconnect with his one-year-old daughter taken away from her a few months ago.ScandalLast night an impoverished Julia came in one of police stations of Moscow. Distraught to separation from mother daughter takes desperate actions - she wants at least one eye to see her daughter. At this time she wrote a letter to the ex-wife of Alexei Panin and his parents - Udintsev claims that they keep the baby at home and not legally not allowed to see her baby. According to eyewitnesses, the police she came very nervous, irritated. Threw the statement on the table and left, not even waiting for the coupon on its adoption.Here's what she wrote in her statement:"At (...) live gr. Vlasov A. F. and gr. Vlasova T. B.. At this address she covered my daughter Panin Anna, the father of which is Panin A.V. Citizen Vlasova T. B. is the mother of Panin A.V. In Dzerzhinsky court of St. Petersburg conducted the proceedings concerning custody of my daughter, year-old Anna Panina. Forcibly withdrawn from me the child resides at this address. The court is not yet complete. February 11, 2009 I came to visit his daughter. When you try to ask Vlasova T. B. and A. Panin V. medical certificates and documents relating to medical surveillance of my child, I was KICKED out of the apartment with the use of physical force, roughly, when it fell on the stone floor of the landing. I was also told that gr. Vlasov A. F. "deal" with me even more "traumatic". I ask You to deal with this situation. Finally lost conscience and the consciousness of the people do mess. My child keeps you lunatic woman. Just because her son is a famous actor, she actually thinks of himself as "God". Please, don't have a court decision to ensure my communication with my daughter. Case public, the behavior Vlasovyh not the first time proves that my daughter is in the hands of scum and absolutely inadequate people. Moreover, not once did they say that A. V. Panin actor known, all of them "caught up", including your police Department. Sorry, it's their words".The courtAccording to the most outrageous character in modern cinema Alexei Panin, his civil wife mentally ill. She, according to the artist, not again was treated in a specialized clinic. Alex says that repeatedly took the child to itself due to the fact that Julia held him in life-threatening conditions.- Once in April, Julia gave me on the phone scandal. She was drunk, and my daughter stayed with her out of town. When arrived there, he found a terrible picture: drunk mother, not paying any attention to the crying baby, and the baby was strapped to a child seat. At first I thought that everything will be resolved somehow in a good, Christian life, although the inspector on Affairs of minors recommended me to go to court.Exactly what did a famous actor. The custody battle over little NUS is still pending in the Dzerzhinsk city court of St. Petersburg.That a loving father is trying to fence Anya from the ex wife, an amazing little. He always claimed that the child would be for him what he wanted.- This is my daughter, which my mother and devote 24 hours a day. But until the court's decision, we can't do anything.Louise CLEANER Source: Ex-wife of actor Panina quite desperate.

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