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Top 10 beauty secrets that transformed Hollywood stars

titleDespite the sleek appearance of the stars, sometimes wonder how they manage to look so good? It is clear that a beautiful appearance is the hard work of stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers, so I'd like to know their secrets.Some of the leading masters of their beauty not hide it. Introduce you the best star tips for women in the cold season.Hollywood makeup artist and Creator of LORAC cosmetics, Carol Shaw advises not to reject a sexy bronze tan even in winter. It is not necessary to spoil the skin and through the day to the Solarium. The easy replacement of the UV light can be a bronzer LORAC TANtalizer Baked Bronzer, which successfully uses Jennifer aniston. A little money on the chin, cheeks, forehead, nose and again sparkle, as if just returned from the Sunny beach.Celebrity hairdresser Daniel Kowal told how to curl your hair to hairstyle long retain its gloss. If you want to buy beautiful curls, the actress America Ferrera, start Curling from the roots, using tongs smaller sizes. Approaching the middle of the hair, the smaller the tongs need to be changed to larger. The largest diameter should be in the tongs, which you will curl the lower part of the hair. According to the stylist if you follow this rule, the hairstyle looks delicious.To create the smokey eyes effect with rich, lustrous tones advises makeup artist sue of David doing makeup Kate Hudson. For this perfect shade with sapphire shade that will beautifully highlight the eyes to make them Shine and expressiveness, as well as visually increasing.Fritz clay (another star hairdresser) believes that the bangs should never go out of fashion, as it gives the image a more interesting look. Master advises various options: heavy bangs like Misha Barton, long and straight, short and curly, torn or closing one eye. The main advantage of bangs: to change, simply tie your hair in a pony tail, because even so your hair will look stylish and well-groomed.Included in stellar fashion and elongated Bob. If last year celebrities rushed to shorten the hair on the earlobes, EN masse imitating Audrey Tautou in "Amelie", this year they carefully grow the curls cut off. Therefore, the hairstyle worn by Gwyneth Paltrow (hair is shoulder length, it winds on large curlers) very popular and is reminiscent of the "bond Bob", which differed girlfriend of 007 in movies of the 60-ies.Luxurious lashes - that should give you this season a special charm. If for special occasions, you can resort to using false eyelashes, how does this wife of will Smith jada Pinkett Smith, on every day experts advise revolutionary mascara from Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes: according to the advertisement, it "lengthens lashes, even if they are not.".

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