Bashmet became Ambassador of the Sochi Olympics

titleRecently Sochi has become not only a centre for international sports competition, which attracts all the forces for the organization of the 2014 winter Olympics.This is the second year the city became the center of music here: Yuri Bashmet founded international Winter Music Festival, where he and his colleagues perform masterpieces of classical music. Days.Roo watched the act of connection of music and sport at a concert of the famous musician gave on home snow the descent of the Krasnodar territory - the red glade.The hourly performance of the virtuoso violist and conductor and a small Symphony orchestra Yuri Abramovich was preceded by a message that was honored to be an Ambassador of the Sochi Olympics 2014. On 6 February in the Grand hotel Polyana, the representative of the organizing Committee Sochi 2014 was presented by Yuri Bashmet diploma on the appointment of Maestro honorary missionary. As admitted by the Maestro, this is the first time in his career, when he was awarded no prize, and the title of Ambassador.Concert before a small audience in a small room they started with the same piece of Mozart that was playing at a charity concert Fund "give life" Foundation of Yuri Bashmet yesterday in the arcade. Case, when the artist had to interrupt their festival activities in order to give a concert in another city, on Thursday in Moscow, unprecedented, and therefore has received a great response in the Sochi press. Yuri Abramovich still in Gostiny Dvor told reporters that this festival practice led to the charitable work of the musician: "We opened in Sochi winter festival, 3rd year play there, and somehow in Sochi began a friendship with the administration, with intellectuals, with the doctors - like happened.".

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