A look at Russian literature through the sight of a machine

titleThey say that for the appearance of these books about the war requires from ten to twenty years after graduation. It is the time the country needs to understand what happened to her.About Chechnya written is not enough. Moreover, there were real writers, made the formation of a new "trench prose" of my generation. This Denis Butov, and Vlad Ismagilov, and Anatoly Yagodin, and Igor Marukin, and Vitaly Skvortsov... And another ten or fifteen people, has created a poignant and masterful works. Unfortunately, they are present only in the Internet phenomenon and not steel. As not found yet and his General reader.Against this background, the "Asanas" that certainly was an event. Award for works about the Chechen war not awarded often.However, starting to read, already on the first page, tripped over the LNP. Then another. Then another and another...Begins work with the episode when drunk Balabanov brought to the station in Grozny. Not true. The station in Grozny've no one was taken - he was defeated in the first day of war, together with the Maikop brigade. Replenishment is delivered either at Khankala, or North. Secondly, in the Russian army no drunken Balabanov: the first six months is not something that I do not drink vodka - not sleeping, not eating, not breathing. Only in the face getting.Good: "Importantly, kept the weapons." To bring war without weapons. "Greeters officer on the dusty platform also no. No column is ever sent without senior. Especially with youngsters. "Guys inside the tanks were transported and had to vomit. The boys climbed on armor, air..." None "kid" decides whether he rides on the armor or the armor. There is a sector monitoring and sector of fire. "These damn trucks are just slowing us down. They are ahead of the column". Neither one column is constructed so that the front trucks with barrels and rear - covering their armor. Besides shipping Solarium barrels ceased in year forty-fifth - there is such a thing as "nalisniki". "Rode a hundred miles...and Even mountains are not visible, but is the problem" - from Grozny have nowhere to go a hundred miles, only in the mountains. And mountains can be seen everywhere, lowland Chechnya in width on the strength of twenty kilometers. From the terrible to Bamut hour. And Bamut is generally the foothills. "Small figures standing near the column, shaking machines". Small figures, previeuw year (this is mentioned in the novel) apparently did not understand that in modern war one law: who is invisible, he lives. To be seen to be dead. And the mountains - who is taller, he is right. The situation where the fighters go down to the column, instead of shoot it out of the dense foliage, it is impossible to give even a hypothetical. "In the truck the hour was played utter disgrace. Four, five, seven naked ass along the side!" Oh, my God, what was that all about? The porter at the railway station in Grozny... No comment.Well and so on. Disassemble all absurdities "Asana" is meaningless, because they do not "meet" - a novel built entirely on them. Of contact with reality in "Asana" there is no single.It is clear that he wrote Vladimir Makanin's not about Chechnya. And not even about the war in General. But the man at war. But for the research topic should be present at least approximately, and Makanin knows not only Chechen war - he doesn't know war at all.The psychology of this war changed every year. The exact time of the action is necessary because it gives a picture of the relationship of the parties.But here it is indefinable. If at the beginning of the war the convoys actually lock the unarmed crowd, for the ninety-sixth their only shot. Then where did these kindergarten fighters, completely helpless in the war, and Russian soldiers referring to the rowdy loafers? The relationship between the opponents at the time, perfectly demonstrated Khattab, under Yarysh-Mard it is destroyed a convoy of centropomus. Completely. Without prisoners.Mix it all in a bunch - about the same as transfer of Kharkov boiler and General retreat in April forty-fifth.It is unclear who the major Zhilin. Sanotel - but Sanotel what? The regiment? Not a great shot, this is only in the neighboring village a couple of pushers and remember. But Zilina knows every porter in Grozny. The population of Chechnya at that time was approximately one million four hundred thousand.

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