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Guy Ritchie took Madonna's children

titleDirector guy Ritchie spent the weekend alone with sons David and Rocco, indulging in sports entertainment on a ski resort in new Jersey. The guy gave lessons ski skill eldest son Rocco, and his younger son David chose skiing games on the Playground.Madonna requires the binding when the children remain with the ex-spouse. So, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" writes that she is opposed to the guy allowed children to watch TV or cartoons. Under no circumstances in the hands of children should not be magazines or Newspapers. In addition, according to mother, the boys must eat only organic food and stick to a vegetarian diet.However, according to Daily Mail, one weekend guy Ritchie held not only in the company of sons, but also with ex-wife Madonna and her eldest daughter Lourdes.Madonna and guy have just completed a multimillion-dollar divorce, but managed to put their issues aside and spend a day together at the Kabbalah centre in new York. Recall that despite all the odds and held the divorce, Christmas pair met together.At the moment, guy Ritchie is in talks with Madonna about the destiny of their children. By prior agreement the couple's children will spend equal time with each parent. But Madonna insists her daughter Lourdes, in common with Ritchie's son Rocco and adopted son pair David at the conclusion of the divorce process moved with her to new York. Richie believes that children should be educated in England.As written, the Days.Roux, Madonna and guy put a final end to the relationship on 20 November last year in the High court of London. On the announcement of the divorce was not present neither of the former spouses. A court hearing lasted about one minute, so as not to attract unwanted media attention. Source: guy Ritchie took Madonna's children.

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