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Orthodox churches are preparing for the Great Council

titleOrthodox churches held a meeting in Istanbul at the invitation of the Patriarch of Constantinople. On its results it was decided to convene in 2009 a number of meetings to prepare for the great Orthodox Cathedral, which is expected for several centuries.The patriarchs also decided to prepare for the Council's response to the challenges of the modern world, increasingly globalized economically, but not human.Those are the challenges that have been set by the primates of the Orthodox Churches at the end of a recent meeting in Istanbul, organized to mark the anniversary year of the birth of St. Paul.The purpose of the meeting stated in the final document, signed by all the heads and representatives of Orthodox Churches according to the canons of these Churches, operating on the principle of unity. The document was the Metropolitan of Pergamon Ioannis Zizioulas, Albanian Anastasios and Kirill of Smolensk, on the basis of an introductory speech by Patriarch Bartholomew I.The text, as the "Radio of Vatican" - voluminous and structured, touches upon different subjects, such as the global economic crisis, the relationship between science and religion, family and other underlying evils of today's world.The document begins with a criticism of the Churches regarding the presence of nationalist ideas that weaken the Church's influence on solving the problems that plague society.The document also touches on political, economic and social themes, condemning gap between rich and poor, growing dramatically because of the economic crisis, but emerged primarily because of speculation, devoid of sensitivity and humanity and therefore not contributing to the satisfaction of genuine human needs, but serving primarily the interests of individual people.The Orthodox world, according to its representatives, shall, together with other religions and non-believers, to realize their own responsibility for human actions, were carried out without any criterion.Evangelism remains the mission of the Church, but it must be done with love, humility and respect for the cultural identity of the middle. In order to meet this challenge, we read in the paper, the Orthodox Church must act in accordance with her traditional principle of collegiality, by his own canons, allowing misunderstandings arising inside in the spirit of peace and love, continuing the dialogue with other Christian confessions and other religions, given that the existing separation pose a threat to peace.During the meeting we established a pan-Orthodox Commission on bioethics.HelpAs a "Universal" Orthodox Church recognizes seven Cathedrals:I Ecumenical Council - Nicaea 325II Ecumenical Council of Constantinople 381,The third Ecumenical Council - Ephesus 431 A. D.IV Ecumenical Council - Chalcedon 451V Ecumenical Council - Constantinople 2nd 553VI Ecumenical Council - Constantinople 3rd (680-681) .The seventh Ecumenical Council - Nicaea 2nd. 787 .A number of councils were convened as Ecumenical Councils, but for some reason were not recognized by the Orthodox Church as Ecumenical. Most often it was due to the fact that their decisions have refused to sign the Pope. However, these councils are the highest authority in the Orthodox Church and some Orthodox theologians believe that they should be included in the composition of the Ecumenical Councils:The five sixth Council (Trullo) in 692 G.IV the Constantinople Synod of 879-880.V Council of Constantinople 1341-1351.The gang are called cathedrals Church councils that the Church rejected as heretical, often these councils were held under external pressure or in violation of procedures. Below are predatory, churches, organized as a universe:Ephesus "predatory" Cathedral 449 G.Iconoclast CouncilConstantinople predatory Cathedral 869-870.Florentine Cathedral 1431-1445 he is revered by Catholics as the universe.Catholics accept all Seven Ecumenical Councils plus consider the Ecumenical councils number of councils rejected by the Orthodox Church or carried out after the separation of the churches without the participation of the local Orthodox Churches. Just over 20 councils. Source: Orthodox churches are preparing for the Great Council.

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