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Knightley had loved only one woman

titleTerrible news about the death of the wife of Konstantin Khabensky has shaken the whole country. It is not even in the exceptional popularity of the artist.Just as long as she lived Nastya - many had hope that even the most deadly disease may retreat, if there is real love and support of her family. Alas. Even the best doctors failed to save Anastasia Khabensky.Constantine now have a very hard time. More than a year he lived with hope, doing son, working for two and flying to the wife, as soon as they had free time.Keira Knightley looks perfect monogamous. With a young journalist named Anastasia actor met in the cafe at the theater in 1998. Favorite girl he invited to the play "Caligula". The girl did not take the proposal seriously, but went to the theatre. Talent Constantine was struck by his new friend, and she radically changed her opinion about him. Soon the couple began to live together. Then both admitted that it was love at first sight.A couple of years after a pair of singles has entered into a formal marriage. In the registry office, the bride and groom came in sneakers and jeans, because love was more important than all ceremonies.When Constantine moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow, his wife followed him. The family idyll was broken only by the absence of a pair of children. But after a few years of married life Nastia realized that becoming a mom. And on 25 September 2007 Konstantin and his wife had a son. Soon the couple were married. Unfortunately, both of these events were overshadowed by the illness of Anastasia.Immediately after birth she was diagnosed with a tumor in the brain. Constantine had to be torn between work, a newborn son and sick wife, because the treatment cost a lot of money. Despite the efforts of doctors, surgeries and treatment in Russia, and then abroad has not helped.Young son Constantine will have to raise alone. Of course, friends and family are unlikely to leave little Ivan and his courageous dad. Khabensky has helped and will help relatives, colleagues, friend Mikhail Porechenkov and his wife Olga. Source: Khabensky loved only one woman.



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