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Anton Sikharulidze brought to light new lover

titleFor the first time after the official breakup with his fiancГ©e Hope Anton Sikharulidze appeared in public with a new companionThe presentation of the debut solo album of Anna Semenovich figure skater came in the company of charming young blonde. Despite the presence at a public event, Sikharulidze had made desperate attempts to hide the girl from prying eyes.At the party the pair spent only 20 minutes. In the club he spent his companion through the back door. Young people are immediately ensconced in the VIP area, where the waiter brought them a glass of champagne. It seemed that Anton and his girlfriend did not notice what is happening around them and were completely engrossed in each other and the conversation. The athlete gently held the girl's hand and said something to her, lips touching her face.Peace and solitude of the pair was provided by two burly guards. Checking out at the party, all using the same workaround, Sikharulidze with the girl left the party.As already wrote "Z", a few months ago, Anton called off the wedding with 23 year old journalist Hope. The marriage is one of the most interesting couples of the Russian show business was to be held on 5 July. But the relationship of lovers already cracked after the final project of the First channel "Ice age" - the show has frequently been a bone of contention between Anton and Nadia. Source: Anton Sikharulidze brought to light new lover.

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