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The soloist of the HI-FI was in the hospital

titleDuring the stay in Australia, the lead singer of HI-FI was bitten by a poisonous spider, because of what the singer was in intensive care a clinic in Sydney.Kate Lee was admitted to the hospital in serious condition with high fever and signs of severe poisoning. Management group a few days could not reach her, according to "Life".- We have really got nervous, but three days later, Kate had called us, " says the group administrator Olesya. - From the hospital. It turned out she is in intensive care under the straw. She was bitten by some poisonous Australian spider.Concerned colleagues wanted to urgently fly to Kate, but she stopped them.She said that now her life is not in danger, she plans to return home, " says Olesia. - It's just awful. Kate seemed to feel that it is in this country to happen something bad. After all, she was planning to fly to Thailand, but then for some reason changed my mind...Companions call artist every hour.- We booked her tickets back to Moscow, - says Olesya. - She will come to Russia and will recover here. Source: the soloist of the HI-FI was in the hospital.

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