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Silicon valley took poet laureate

titleCouncil for the arts in Santa Clara County, located in California's Silicon valley, completes the receipt of applications from candidates for the post of poet laureate.She holds the honorary title should be "improve the perception of poetry" by residents of the high technology centre.The British newspaper The Guardian, the poet-laureate relies modest fee of four thousand dollars. Elected poet must live in the district for at least five years. The title of it will be two years. It is expected that he will write poems that reflect "the rich and diverse culture" of the district. Accepting applications the Council on the arts will conclude on 17 February 2009. The name of the first poet laureate will be known no later than 1 April.Practice choosing the poet laureate exists in the UK since the sixteenth century (with breaks). The current British poet laureate Andrew motion will leave his post in 2009. In the USA from 1937 to 1986 there was a post of consultant in poetry to the Library of Congress. Since 1986 it's called "poet laureate consultant in poetry." In 1991-1992, this post was held by Joseph Brodsky. The post of poet laureate exists in some States, particularly in California. Source: Silicon valley took poet laureate.

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