Vishnevskaya is among three popular models in the Russian Federation

titleAccording to the world search systems google in 2008, which ranked the most requested models in Russia, Emiliya Vishnevskaya took second place in the top three.Not surprisingly, first place was taken by the Muse of European designers, a person that can make selling any item, the incomparable Natalia Vodianova.According to google , Natalia is 137.100 results.In second place was a young, promising and ambitious Emilia Vishnevskaya, which actively started in modeling and secular life only a year ago, but has already managed to make a lot of fans and detractors at such a young age, with the result 62.100 requests in the last month.And closes the top three "the girl is an alien which has won millions of fans around the world Sasha Pivovarova. Sasha scored 25.200 requests for December.Perhaps this situation is due to the fact that neither Vodianova, nor Pivovarova do not reside in the Russian Federation, unlike Vishnevskaya, for which Moscow has become a powerful start in her career.It's a shame that Russian model beauties flee Russia and bring glory to anyone else except home. It is understandable that foreign countries are sweeter, tastier and safer... but hopefully Vishnevskaya, as a young and promising representative of the Russian fashion business would not leave their hearth and home. Source: Vishnevskaya in the top three in-demand models of the Russian Federation.

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