Glucose is a scandal on the project `dancing with the stars`

titleA huge scandal erupted on the TV channel "Russia" the project "Dances with stars", which will soon receive a ticket for the blue screens.The show didn't have time to start, and two of its potential participants - Natalia Ionova and Darya Sagalova - already agreed in part-time skirmish. Glucose, which the organizers wanted to offer to compete with Svetkey Bukina, questioned the objectivity of the judges. "Your DAY" found out why.ScandalThe sequel to the mega-project "dancing with the stars" starts in the air in a few months. Once again the audience will be exposed choreographic talents of the members of the star of Olympus. Watching them invited people's favorite Maxim Galkin. As in any show, when filming organization could not do without scandals. To participate in the second season of the project called fragile blonde Daria Sagalova that country knows how Svetka's Also beauty Natalia Ionova - Glucose.RulesAccording to the rules in the project on a competitive basis to perform a few pairs, in each of which one member is a professional dancer, and the second is the representative of show business, which can not boast of dance talent. However, we cannot say that Daria Sagalova is "tea" in the dancing, she has many years engaged in this type of art and has its own dance Studio. This fact angered another potential contestant - Glucose. Natalia Ionova has not given consent to participate in the project "dancing with the stars" because he believes that all parties-fans should have about the same choreography, and the professionalism of Sagalovoi questioned the objectivity of judicial evaluations in the television project. Source: Glucose is a scandal on the project "dancing with the stars"".

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