Injured Bilan Rudkovskaya and have to go on the ice

titleParticipation in the show of the TV channel "Russia" the two best participants - Dima Bilan and Yana Rudkovskaya - in jeopardy. The singer and his producer, being in different countries, in one day suffered serious injuries.Jan broke knee on the ice and Dima is on tour in London tore the Achilles tendon. Now the star of the rink adequate medical care and the long period of rehabilitation.However, under the terms of the contract, both due out today at the rink "Star ice". Under the contract between the project organizers and participants there is only one legal way to quit a broken arm or leg. Fortunately, nothing like that neither Jana nor Dima has not yet happened. With their injuries after a couple of painkillers they are required to ride.RudkovskayaOne of the last workouts Yana Rudkovskaya and Ruslan Goncharov will remember for a long time. The guys got injured on the ice with a difference in an hour. First Yane no luck. The guys have got datatale program. Left to do the last run is already performing her usual element, skater tooth ridge fell into a hole on the ice with all his strength collapsed on the ice and a few meters rolled on his knees.I fell so many times that soon, it seems, can't unbend - shared Jan correspondent LIFE.RU. - My knee is already embossed. But the ride still was able.GoncharovHaving endured the pain, Ian has collected will in a fist and continued training. The skaters had to work challenging support. Time after time Ruslan raised Jan over himself on his outstretched hands. The skater had to take a beautiful pose, what to do for a layman it is very difficult. And so at some point something went wrong.Ruslan raised Jan, pulled her in his arms and suddenly dropped and bent. The skater terribly loins ached from the sharp pain he could not straighten up. The field immediately ran up the coach and administrators. They helped the injured man to get to the dressing room. About an hour Ruslan waited for the pain to pass. But it never happened. Back ached so badly that potters did not dare even to get behind the wheel. Home it threw a friend.BilanAlmost at the same time the trauma was received by Dima Bilan. However, with the singer's misfortune was not on the ice, and in a speech in London. The young man, as usual at the concert, flew into a passion. During one of the songs he climbed the two-meter column... and jumped off her. This trick usually Dima's always shocking fans.At this time the events unfolded on that tragic scenario. Bilan landed badly and tore the Achilles tendon. Doctors recommend Dima rest until complete recovery. But he just couldn't afford. Today a young man must go on the ice paired with your lovely partner Elena Berezhnaya.And no injuries will not allow the children to abandon the planned filming.- The fact that in our contract stipulates that we may not participate, only if you break an arm or a leg, " explained Jan. - To us before the show just make painkillers. Source: Injured Bilan Rudkovskaya and have to go on the ice.

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