Sergey Bezrukov was shot at close range with machine

titleSergey Bezrukov, as we already wrote, on 18 October was 35. Anniversary artist was marked at the highest level: shortly before the holiday Sergey received the title of people's artist of Russia.Colleagues Bezrukov without unnecessary honors, but was much more original. At a concert in St. Petersburg BKZ "October" the first gift to the celebrant was shot at close range with automatic, writes "Change". It turns out that in this way, Sergey decided to deal with the way Sasha White from "Teams".Several bullets in the chest and back of children's machine while maintaining the celebrant is not caused. Bezrukov, on the contrary, got excited and began to dance to the music of "Swan lake".To complete the shooting took Dmitry Kharatyan. "Why are you so tenacious!" - exclaimed the actor, came on the scene. After these words of Kharatyan put the head of the birthday boy toy gun Makarov, said "happy birthday To you, Serge!" - and pulled the trigger.In the audience at the event was observed by the wife of the artist Irina Bezrukova. Not wanting to give rise to rumors about the pregnancy, Irina dressed in a black turtleneck, questionable places covered with a stole, and black glasses."Apparently, the Ira doesn't want anyone to notice her interesting situation, says a friend of the star couple. So I get dressed for the funeral.".

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