Famous musician brought heart

titleThe day before at the age of 47 in one of the Moscow clinics died legendary guitarist, backing vocalist, member of the Leningrad group "Games", "Pop-Mechanics", "militia", Deadушки Grigory Sologub.Recently, the musician often complained of heart pain and was undergoing treatment in a Moscow clinic.Remember the famous Leningrad rock band "Strange game" and "Pop-mechanics". In different years, guitarist / vocalist worked with the group "people's militia", "Israel", "Two planes", worked with Viktor Tsoi and Vyacheslav Butusov, reports the Russian news service."Strange games" were one of the first groups in Russia, who began play in the style of ska. Brothers Victor and Grigory Sologub announced himself to the St. Petersburg rock scene in the second half of the 80-ies. After retiring from "Strange games", they cut the concise name to "Games" and in February 1986 began rehearsing with guitarist Andrew Ordinem, drummer from the Movie" Georgy Gurianov, Sergei "Africa" Bugaev, Medvedev Andrey and Denis Medvedev.In the same year the band recorded their debut single - the French version of the hit "Strange games" - "Paper flowers". In the same year held their stage debut. The "game" became the first Russian rock band who managed to cross the Soviet border. Listeners in the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Germany with the Petersburg rock first became acquainted also performed Sologubov.In 1988, the group participated in the alternative music festival "Nowa Szena" in Gdansk. The musicians of "Games" willingly participated in other musical projects, including they performed together with Choi and Letov in Popular mechanics Kuryokhin.In 1992 Grigory Sologub joined the group "Israel", and in August 1997 Sologub Jr. acted in the "Two planes". Source: Famous musician brought heart.

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