Artists Express my condolences to all the faithful in Russia

titleThe death of the Patriarch today fell terrible grief all over the country. Artists, like any other Russians, mourn and repeat in unison: this is a great loss for the country and the world...Nadezhda Babkina- I am very sorry and extend my deepest condolences to all the faithful in Russia. Alexy II made a huge case for uniting all faiths who have. We should all pray that his soul passed less tests. I don't know yet, will not attend the funeral - I'm having a tough schedule. But I think that in such situations it is necessary to pay tribute and to find the time.Joseph KobzonIt's really tragic, sad news. I am not religious, but the Patriarch called on all for peace and kindness. I have often met with his Holiness and extremely distressed by what happened. I think this is a great tragedy for the entire Orthodox world, not only Russia, but for all Orthodox people, who believed. He always instilled in people the consciousness that we are all slaves of God, that we should serve the Lord God. And so, when we listened to his sermons, we have always believed him. Last time I saw him in the temple of Christ the Savior, then he gave a sermon... he and I had very good relations. I took it out of his hands rewards - St. Daniel of Moscow and St. Nicholas. Today is a great tragedy for the country...Lev LeshchenkoAll of Russia will be in grief and sorrow these days. I think it's an event that can not leave indifferent any Orthodox person. I am very sad about this, because 2-3 times I had with him a very warm and friendly meeting. Even had the good fortune two or three days to spend on one event at the meal. And he made an amazing impression. From it came the great goodness and peace. It's always bribed very.... He was joined in his efforts, in prayers, in their spiritual integrity. And, of course, it's a great loss for all of Orthodoxy.His authority was very powerful. That allows us to hope for a favorable outcome of a certain division, which in recent years has been in Orthodoxy.I learned about his death a few moments ago.Valeria and Iosif PrigozhinThis is a great loss for the whole country... the Revival of Russia began with the revival of Christianity, the restoration of temples. This is a huge mountain when they leave Such great people! We Express our deep condolences to all believers, all relatives, all over the country. Modern country developed along with the development of Christianity. The Patriarch led such important for the country and for the world missionary work, to spread Christianity in other countries. Sincerest condolences... Source: Artists Express my condolences to all the faithful in Russia.

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