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Paris Hilton received three awards `Golden raspberry`

titleIn Los Angeles on Saturday night announced the winners of the annual award "Golden raspberry" award for the most dubious achievements in cinema, the Associated Press reports.The worst film in 2009 called "Sex guru". Comedian Mike Myers, who played in this movie, the main speaking role and co-wrote the script, was awarded two "Gold Malin" in their respective categories.Three awards for the most dubious of centostazioni got Paris Hilton. The "Golden raspberry" said her main role in the movie "the hottie and the nottie" ("The Hottie and the Nottie") and a supporting role in "the Genetic Opera" ("Repo! The Genetic Opera"). In addition, the Hilton for work in "Beauty and the ugly" received the award in the category "worst couple on the screen".The worst actor was pierce Brosnan for Mamma MIA!" ("Mamma Mia!"). The title of worst Director earned Uwe Boll, three of the film which was in 2009 nominated for a "Razzie". He was also awarded "honorary" award for lifetime achievement."Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull" has earned the title of "worst prequel, sequel and remake".The winners of the Golden raspberry awards are determined by results of voting, which is attended by 687 people. Prize award for the most dubious achievements in cinema traditionally announce the day before the Oscars Source: Paris Hilton received three awards "Golden raspberry"".

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