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Found the villain for `spider-Man 4`

titleSam Raimi spoke about its plans for two new "Spiders": the film has no script, but he can't wait to start shooting, he doubts whether they will do two films."I still have no script, but we are thinking to start in March 2010. It seems that still a lot of time, but we still need a script, and then have a fairly large-scale preparations for the shooting," said Raimi in an interview with MTV.As for the rumors that both films will be shot in a row, Raimi said: "This proposal Amy Pascal. But nothing has been decided yet. But if Tobey (Maguire), and me, and all producers will enjoy the story for two movies, we do"."But it will be a real test of endurance, I think only Peter Jackson knows how hard it is," added Ramey.Also, the Director of the trilogy, "spider-Man" said that he would like to make a villain in one of the films of the Lizard "I think one day the Lizard story will be told. I'm not sure whether the following movie. No I very much hope to work again with Dylan Baker. However, who is the villain, I don't know".Baker in the third "Spider" played Dr. curt Connors. Actually, he turns into the Lizard in the comics - not by choice, but as a result of their own mistakes.Kurt worked as a military doctor and lost during hostilities hand. Later he became interested in the study of DNA lizards. The doctor was extremely interested in the mechanism of their ability to regrow lost limbs. Having developed a serum, he introduced her to me. The hand grew back, but after a while Kurt turned himself into a huge aggressive lizard. Source: Found the villain for spider-Man 4"".

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