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Lazarev avoids meeting with Topalov

titleTwo stars seemed closely within the restaurant, because of what the singers almost tore a charity event.Sergey Lazarev appealed to the organizers of the annual event in aid of orphans with a request to protect him from the meeting with Vlad Topalov, who was also cited among the participants.Lazarev said that will not come to the restaurant, if at this time there will be Vlad.The organizers failed to provoke a conflict between two stars, therefore, has appointed former buddies different times.The first in the restaurant Topalov arrived.I am happy to help children, because today all money raised will be sent to orphanages, - said Vlad. - Sergey I don't want to see that, so will be leaving soon.Upon learning that his meeting with Topalov managed to avoid, Sergey came to a complete delight and naughty, like a child.- Sell your kiss for 500 rubles, " called Lazarev, perched on the counter. - Free cash, come!One of the attendees immediately bearings and bought a memorable kiss on the lips from the idol.Pleased that day looking to eat and graceful "Brilliant". Graceful girls gladly handed to fans of wholesome meals.- Potatoes fries are delicious, and I eat it very often - shared with buyers Nadia Handle.Star beauties continually replaced each other behind the counter. The appearance of blond beauties from the group "Reflex" caused the audience not only increased appetite, but also creative recovery:- Even if the world around me I still can not find, you're my favorite and affectionate friend, " all of a sudden has poems dedicated to his Wife Malakhova buyer. Source: Lazarev avoids meeting with Topalov.

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