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Prince Harry decided to conquer the sky

titlePrince Harry decided to become a pilot. If he will be able to qualify in flight school, Harry will start training for helicopter pilot in January 2009, reports BBC News.The qualifying stage will last four weeks. During this time, Prince Harry will have to prove that he is able to learn the basics of control of the helicopter. The course will last 16 months. Upon completion of training, Harry will be able to control one of three types of helicopters: Gazelle, Lynx or Apache.Note that Harry's father Prince Charles and uncle Prince Andrew has previously run by military helicopters. Older brother Harry Prince William has completed a course of training at a flight school in April 2008.Prince Harry secretly fought in Afghanistan in late 2007 - early 2008. Once in February it became known to journalists, the Prince was evacuated from Afghanistan. Upon returning home, Harry has repeatedly stated his desire to return to war. Source: Prince Harry decided to conquer the sky.

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