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Valery to congratulate you on your participation in the `Eurovision`

titleIntrigue in the jury of the Russian qualifying round of "Eurovision" is the main reason why the singer Alexander Panayotov missed the final qualifying round, said the singer to the correspondent of RIA Novosti."I learned that I was not allowed to the Russian final. In the explanation of the jury - the excuses about the fact that in my song little patriotism, but actually the song is normal. Proceeding from today's list of finalists, I can say that there is a specific policy, and we can congratulate Valery with participation in the Eurovision," said Panayotov. The singer decided to play it safe, therefore, filed two applications: for participation from Russia and Ukraine. Panayotov is going to Kiev on the eighth of March the final qualifying round from Ukraine.The source of "Show business.Ru" on channel" also said, without specifying the names that the winner of the qualifying stage will be a solo performer. Source: Valery to congratulate you on your participation in "Eurovision"".

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