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Prince Charles will not be `silent monarch`

titleFriend and biographer of Prince Charles, Jonathan Dimbleby, said that after ascending to the throne, Charles will not adhere to the traditional British monarchs silence. This writes the newspaper the Daily Telegraph.According to Dimbleby, if Charles will ever inherit the throne from his mother Queen Elizabeth II, he will continue to make public statements on various important issues. For comparison, Elizabeth II is limited to regular private meetings with the Prime Minister and the annual Christmas addresses to the nation. However, many UK citizens believe that the country needs a more active monarch.A surge of media interest in possible future activities of Prince Charles on the throne connected with the recent anniversary of the Prince. On 14 November the throne 60 years old. Elizabeth II is the Queen of great Britain since 1952, in 2008, celebrated its 82nd anniversary. Source: Prince Charles will not be silent monarch"".

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