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Galkin was removed from the program `Who wants to be a millionaire?`

titleThe fate of the popular program "Who wants to be a millionaire?" has finally been solved. The first channel has acquired the license to produce the project and is going to find a new host.Recall: up to this point the first button had a license only for broadcasting "Millionaire". Produced program company W-media, basically making projects for the channel "Russia". The company itself had decided who to invite as participants in the intellectual game, and who is not. The First channel is not able to make any changes to the format of the TV quiz, got to broadcast the finished product.After leading the "Millionaire" became the face of the channel "Russia" took under his wing TV project "Star ice", in the TV circles have many questions. The main one is: will the program Galkina at all to go on the First channel? The decision Konstantin Ernst has not kept itself waiting long. The first channel and the Dutch company 2WAYTRAFFIC on television fair MIPCOM 2008 in Cannes signed a contract under which the rights to produce a TV show "Who wants to be a millionaire?" in Russia now belong to the First channel. The cost of the license remains the same.How did you learn the "World news" the First channel intends to start production of the project in this season. That program will have a new face, in this no one doubts. The leading casting will begin in the near future.ABOUT THE PROJECT "WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?".

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