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Doctors Yankovsky insist on chemotherapy

titleFor the life of the famous artist famous fights Professor Martin Schuler, renowned world expert in the therapeutic methods of cancer treatment.Oleg Ivanovich noticeably thinner, but remained cheerful spirit. In the hospital Essen of the actor from the early morning visits wife Lyudmila Zorina.Together with a friend who speaks perfect German, they arrive at the clinic about 10. By this time, the patients already had Breakfast. Usually in the diet includes light food: yogurt, fresh sandwiches. Then begins the treatment, professors and nurses examine patients, prescribe treatments. After that, the patient can relax.On the floor there is a mini-lounge area, which houses a pair of chairs for patients and visiting their loved ones, informs "Life.Ru". The house is modest but roomy. In the house of Jankowski is a nice sweet tobacco smell. His favorite Smoking pipe lying on the table as a sign that he's not going to change their habits. He is happy to see visitors from Russia, but prefers not to talk about their health.Oleg Ivanovich was overburdened hospital regime, but honestly fulfills the requirements, trying not to upset his wife. She always tries to be near him, but the actor every time his Lyudmila Alexandrovna seven hours in the evening from the house, so she could relax. A preliminary diagnosis made by doctors, is able to scare anyone. But Oleg Ivanovich was not discouraged, because the chief doctor of the cancer center in Essen, where he is undergoing examination, Dr. Schuler is a unique specialist.Martin Schuler is one of the world's most prominent oncologists, practicing the most advanced treatment methods. The final diagnosis Oleg Ivanovich has not yet set right now is survey. It will depend on him, what treatment is needed. But doctors insist on chemotherapy.MD Martin Schuler has extensive experience fighting cancer. It long time was the chief doctor of the University cancer clinic in Mainz, and is a member of many international cancer societies and a corresponding member of the American Association of cancer research. This doctor not even called "doctor-hope", grateful patients call him "the doctor is salvation." He saved many patients, which I thought was hopeless. People come to him from all over the world. Dr. Schuler has all the methods of treatment for cancer and is not afraid to include in your Arsenal all the latest developments emerging in science. Source: Doctors Yankovsky insist on chemotherapy (photos).

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