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The son of Britney Spears was in intensive care

titleMega-star pop scene itself took the boy to the clinic after the baby suffered a seizure.2-year-old Jayden James got in the intensive care unit after fell into a state close to coma. This occurred during a long-awaited Spears trip to her hometown of Kentwood in Louisiana.In the hospital except for the Spears went and all her relatives. They flew the 25 miles to get to the Medical center in the South-West of the Mississippi.The doctor who examined the boy could not identify the problem. The baby stayed in hospital for an examination. 26-year-old Britney, obeying maternal instinct, refused to leave his son. She demanded that her put a bed next to the couch, son.Informed sources close to the family of the singer, announced that Kevin Motherhood is going to fly to Mississippi on a jet plane in the next few hours.Meanwhile, it became known that Jaden fell into a state similar to a coma for no apparent reason. It happened Sunday about 3 PM.- Britney is literally a second ago was playing with the boy, they were enjoying the ride home, and suddenly Jaden fell into unconsciousness. said one eyewitness. - He became lethargic and did not respond. Britney called an ambulance. But when she was told that the carriage will be here in half an hour, she decided to take her son to the hospital itself.- They arrived just in seconds. Even incredible, " said another source.It was the first time Britney with the kids since then, both her sons were under the tutelage of Kevin Federline. Source: Son of Britney Spears was in intensive care.

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