In the twenty-first century is not a good cinefantastique

titlePortal Moviefone has compiled a list of the 25 best sci-Fi movies in the history of cinema. The first place it took the "blade runner" (1982) Ridley Scott (Ridley Scott), the ranking did not get any film made in the twenty-first century."Immediately after its release, the film failed at the box office and has since undergone more facelifts than [the comedian and actress] Joan rivers [Joan Rivers]," - say the experts Moviefone, keeping in mind that "blade runner" was released in seven different versions. "However, this [a film about] a dystopian future that literally oozes with elements of film Noir".The top three also included "Star wars: the Empire strikes back" (1980) and "Aliens" (1986). The latest movies rating Moviefone become "the Matrix" (1999) - 6th place, and the Comedy "Galaxy quest" (Galaxy Quest, 1999) - 22nd place.Top 10 best sci-Fi movies, according to Moviefone:1. "Blade runner (Blade Runner), 1982;2. Star wars: the Empire strikes back (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back), 1980;3. "Aliens" (Aliens), 1986;4. "Star wars: a New hope" (Star Wars: A New Hope), 1977;5. "The day the Earth stopped" (The Day the Earth Stood Still), 1951;6. "The Matrix" (The Matrix), 1999;7. "Terminator 2: judgment day (Terminator 2. Judgement Day), 1991;8. "Something" (The Thing), 1982;9. "Alien" (Alien), 1979;10. "Forbidden planet" (Forbidden Planet), 1956. Source: twenty-first century is not a good cinefantastique.

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