In hire of the USA released film is dedicated to George W. Bush

titleIn the us rolling out the Oliver stone movie "W", dedicated to outgoing President George Bush. The white house has not commented on the interpretation of the 30 years life of the American leader.But the filmmakers say that they would not mind if the film will influence the choice of Americans.Shortly before the presidential elections in the us rolling out the film directed by Oliver stone, dedicated is still the acting head of state George W. Bush. The film received a laconic name "W" to begin with this letter middle name of the President - Walker (Walker). However, in Texas this letter doesn't sound as familiar to the classical pronunciation of "W.", and "Dubya" - as it is pronounced in Texas, which is also a native of the state of George Bush.Bush himself is actively used this letter during his first presidential campaign, welcoming his supporters a slightly modified sign "Victoria", which usually show, lifting up his index and middle fingers. Bush showed three.The Director announced the intention to make a film about Bush earlier this year.He wanted the Americans saw this film after the elections, or even in early 2009 after the inauguration of the new head of state. However, the Director was persuaded to do it before - in the midst of pre-election debates.Coincidentally, the movie is coming out on the background of the financial crisis and ongoing presentations on the subject of the first persons.In the film, which lasts for 190 minutes, talks about 30 years of Bush. About how he studied at Yale University, was courting his future wife Laura Bush. A large part of the picture is devoted to the relations between members of the Bush family, and especially between father and son, who both served as President of the United States. The picture begins with the episode where the President is arguing with his speechwriters, who created a speech about weapons of evil in Iraq, Iran and North Korea. The beginning of the war in Iraq ends the film, with Bush in the throes of this event. However, in real life, including at the expense of this operation, the current President could be reelected for a second term.The role Bush played actor Josh Brolin, one of the main characters in the movie the Coen brothers "no country for Old men" ("No Country For Old Men"). The fact that the current President of the USA he is unsympathetic, he does not hide. "I think he is a President who has done the most damage to the reputation of the country, the reputation that all of us took 200 years," said Brolin at the presentation of the film in new York. The rest of the cast are configured the same way. "Bush has got a job, you were not able to perform. As I understand it, chose it because people saw him as a cool guy, they would have invited to his house for BBQ and beer, but now it is clear that this is not what we need in the White house," - said the performer of the role of the mother Bush Ellen Burstyn.The Director explains that the film was released, because here only the truth, and she doesn't need makeup". The radio station KPCC stone stated that the film "no ratings", the author writes of this interview in The Los Angeles Times. "As a playwright, I just told how it was, and I wanted to feel in his place. I believe that he changed our lives forever, even more than Reagan and Nixon", - he explained. At the presentation of "W" the film was more categorical. "He made a lot of mistakes. He is the most unpopular President. Perhaps the worst. History will not be favorable to him - I'm sure of it. He changed the course of American history. The war in Iraq is just the beginning of a long war for oil", - said stone at the presentation.Official comments about the film's release, the White house has not given. However, the press service of the American leader said that the President is unlikely to watch a movie about yourself. The Director hopes that Bush will not deny myself the pleasure to look at the tape and laugh along with everyone else.This is not the first movie of stone, dedicated to the first persons of America. The Director filmed the movie about JFK and his death, and also about Richard Nixon. "W" is different from the others having starred in the shortest possible time - just nine months. The budget was only $30 million, and mainly the money allocated by the Chinese. In addition, this is the first film about the leader of the country, which came out when the President hasn't resigned.Critics doubt that the film will receive a huge box office receipts, although admitted his daring. Also, many observers do not believe that a picture can affect the preferences of American voters in the run-up to polling day.Soon the "W" will be released worldwide. In November he will appear in Europe and in Russia. In addition, the film will be shown next week at the London festival.Bush for the last five years was a good figure for many Directors. In 2004, Michael Moore took the infamous film "9/11," which became the highest grossing film in the history of documentary film and received the "Golden palm" the Cannes film festival 2004. Two years later the British Channel 4 filmed a 90-minute film about the assassination of Bush protesters against the war in Iraq. And in the fall of 2007, filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi began to remove the tape, which will be based on the documentary "Journeys with George", dedicated to the election campaign of George Bush.Alexander Sheiko Source: In hire of the USA released film is dedicated to George W. Bush.

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